Planning to buy goggles but not sure how to fit in goggles or what the perfect fit looks and feels like? Sunglass Rob and Kelly from POC explains what are the key points when you are looking for your perfect goggle.



It seems like goggles can be universal, but they are not! Here are some the key steps to figure out if a goggle fits you perfectly.

1- No Gaps Anywhere

When we say anywhere, we mean anywhere. Not under your cheekbones and especially not under your nose. If you have a gap under your nose or cheekbones, the wind will get in the goggles and your eyes will start to water, which obviously is not what you want. You should definitely look for a firm fit!

2- No Impression on your Cheekbones

Even though firm fit is very important, it is also important that it is not too tight that it leaves marks on your cheekbones. The straps on the back of the goggles are the most important for. You want it snug, but not too snug.

3- Wide/ Big Enough

You will need a goggle that is wide enough so you don't feel like the foam is trying to get into your eye sockets or hitting your eyelashes. You should also make sure that it is not hard to breath in the goggle. (High altitudes would make it even harder to breath)

4- Match it with your Helmet

If you are planing to use a helmet as well, make sure that the goggle is nice and flush with your helmet. You don't want a big gap between your helmet and your goggle or you don't want it crashing to each other.


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