Tired of your favorite eyeglasses getting scratched? Want to splurge on more expensive frames without the fear of ruining them? Sunglass Rob and Alana from Ray-Ban are here with some simple tips to keep your Ray-Bans (or any glasses) scratch-free! Read on to learn more.

Ray-Ban Sunglass and Eyeglass Care

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Don't miss our video tutorial with Alana on how to clean your Ray-Bans.


On your face or in the case, that way you don't have to replace!

Rob encourages you to put your glasses in their case when you're not wearing them. Some people like to perch sunglasses on their head, but that's an easy way for them to fall off when you lean over. Hanging them off the front of your shirt also leaves them liable to scratch. Want to know the answer to the big secret on how to prolong the life of your glasses? Use the case! Any purchase of Ray-Ban glasses comes with a stylish hard case, so save yourselves the disappointment of scratching and when they're not on your face, put them in the case.

What if I don't have a case?

We've all been there. Maybe you lost the case and haven't gotten around to replacing it. Maybe you left it at home. Or maybe you just need to take your sunglasses off for a second and it's more of a hassle to get the case out. Here's how you should properly set your glasses down.

Sunglass Rob's pro tip is to set your frames down upside down, like so:

how to set glasses down

Placing glasses upside down is a little more stable than right side up, plus it makes them easier to pick back up when you need to wear them again.

Biggest no-no? Putting them lens-down. This may sound obvious, but it's a mistake a lot of people make! Placing your glasses or sunglasses lens-down scratches them. Another thing to avoid is throwing your favorite glasses in your pocket or purse, where you're going to have a lot of other things (like keys) that can further scratch them.

How To Clean Glasses and Sunglasses

No matter how well you take care of your Ray-Bans, though, they're going to get dirty and smudged over time. Fingerprints seem to appear on lenses out of nowhere, so how do you clean them?

Rob and Alana say don't use cotton (like a T-shirt) or paper towels to clean your glasses, and instead use a microfiber cleaning cloth. These other materials can scratch your lenses. The cloth can be washed too! Wash it with your towels and without fabric softener or dryer sheets.

Note that some Ray-Ban sunglasses come with glass lenses. Glass is much harder to scratch than other common lens materials such as polycarbonate or Trivex, but either way it's best to use a microfiber cleaning cloth to keep your glasses in perfect condition.

Another thing to stay away from is glass cleaner that has ammonia, such as Windex. Use optical cleaner on your glasses, which you can find at pretty much any eyewear store.

To apply, hold the glasses a short ways away (no need to put the spray bottle right on the lens), and lightly mist the lenses on both the front and back. Rob shows the appropriate distance:

how to clean Ray-Bans

Next, use your microfiber cloth to gently wipe the lens from side to side, then find a dry corner and wipe again. This last step will make a big difference.

If your glasses are very dirty (excessive dirt, food, sand, etc.), rinse them quickly under the sink before you use the cleaner. The water will wash the heavier stuff off the lenses so you don't rub scratches into the lenses while cleaning.

To Recap

Say it with us one last time: On your face or in the case, that way you don't have to replace!

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