Oakley Jupiter Squared Prescription Sunglasses

Oakley Jupiter Squared sunglasses are truly a one of a kind piece of eyewear. Thanks to some of its unique and helpful features, these can easily be placed into the conversation of the best pair of lifestyle sunglasses you can own. One of the amazing features that make these an exceptional pair of lifestyle sunglasses is the ability to seamlessly change the lenses. Refine the Oakley Jupiter Squared lenses to your style desires and vision needs with the help of this step by step guide.

How it Works:

5 Simple Steps to Change Your Oakley Jupiter Lenses:

1 | Flip the frame so the outside of the lenses are facing away from you and flip it vertically

2 | Use both hands to hold the left and right side of the surrounding lens frame

3 | Use thumbs to pop out lenses away from you

4 | To insert new lenses invert the steps by first, flipping the frames so the outside of the "would be" lenses are facing you

5 | Place the new lens into the groove along the frame and snap each corner into place


Oakley has made the transition between your individual frames simple and easy to do. You now have the ability to switch lenses if you encounter the extreme elements, desire better performance, or if you are just in search of a different look. The Oakley Jupiter Squared Lenses make it easier than ever to customize your prescription sunglasses to fit your personality and fitness needs.

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