Interchangeability is just one of the things that makes Oakley sunglasses so awesome. Check out the video for the complete tutorial on how to change Oakley Flak Jacketnose pads:

Steps for removing nose pads:
1) Grab nose pad with your thumb and index finger
2) Use an up-and-out motion to release the nose pad. You might have to do a stretchy motion action for it to come out.
3) Once released, you’ll see that the nose pad has a small opening and the glasses have a larger opening with two little hooks.

Steps for putting on new nose pads:
1) Grab your new nose pad
2) Insert the bottom hook of the glasses into the hole of the new nose pad
3) Stretch the nose pad material up and over the rest of the plastic
4) Test to make sure the new nose pad is on securely

And there you go. That's how to change Oakley Flak Jacket nose pads! If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us! We are here to help!