It is far easier to make a wrong decision than a better one on the golf range when you have not enough experience. However, no more worries because golf is a game that you can learn from mistakes. That is why we broke down how to make a good decision to break 90 for you. You can focus on each part of the game and improve your score little by little until you reach the goal. Give yourself some time to learn how to break 90 from us and to succeed eventually. Continue on to find out what will help you to improve your game to the next level.

Straight, Not Far

People are getting up to the tee box and smacking their driver as hard as they can when playing golf with a goal. By doing this, you lose all control of the ball and you will end up hooking or slicing the ball left or right. Instead of trying to kill the ball, practice nice and soft swings and focus on keeping your club straight up and down through the ball. One challenge that we have found effective is to leave your driver at home one day and just tee off with your irons for total control. Taking the nice-and-easy swing approach will allow you to take control of the accuracy of your drives. This goes for your approach shots from the fairway as well.

Tiger Woods

Practice Short Game

Once you have tackled controlling your drives and approach shots, excelling in a short game is another important tip. The first thing you should do is picking out a club that you will comfortable with from 20-80 yards out. One key point while hitting from that range is not to go "flag hunting". It means that you should not try to hit the flag straight on because there are chances to get the ball in your head. Focus on hitting the ball on the green and getting it by the pin when you are chipping from the fringe or inside 20 yards. Make sure you are reading the greens, so you know exactly where to spot the ball. Often times, golfers will try to chip straight to hole but it will not take into account the slope of the green. The ball will end up off another 20 feet away. Try to place the ball close enough to where you can knock in an easy one-putt.

Putting Distance Control

Now you have figured out how to get the ball on the green with as few strokes as possible. It is the time to finish the deed. Putting might be the most important part to break 90. It is what the biggest moment in golf come down to, so being more tactical will come in handy. The approach to take on putting is to master your short putts. When you are 20 or more feet away, all you need to do is practicing to get it within three to five feet of the hole. You will have guaranteed two putts. Once you are constant with your short putts, you should be able to master your approach to break 90.

Play to Your Strengths

Remember that breaking 90 and shooting an 89 are still 17 bogeys and just one par. You can afford an extra stroke as long as they are all under control. Mastering what you are good at is the most effective way to improve your golf game. Another tip to break 90 is having three different swings. The first one is having tee shot and approach shot with irons that you trust and know the distance you can reach with. The second one is having a reliable pitch shot to get the ball on the green. The last swing is having a good putting stroke. These swings add up to four to five shots, meaning you play with a bogey every hole that allows you to break 90. Mastering these three swings will allow you to clear your goal and set the next goal.