Golf can be expensive, very expensive, we're talking an arm and a leg expensive. But if you love the game, you shouldn't have to give it up because of all those price tags. Thankfully there are ways to budget your game. A golfer on a budget is a responsible golfer indeed. We've got some of the best tips to help you play golf on a budget.


1. Buy Used Clubs And Golf Bags

Plenty of official sites sell used golf clubs and golf bags. These items are the fraction of the cost but are still equipment of the highest quality. On these sites, you can even sell your own clubs for some cash and use that to trade up for a better set of clubs. Check out these sites and stores before you buy yourself a brand new set of expensive clubs.

2. Play On Cheaper Courses

You don't have to go to a big, fancy course to play golf. There are plenty of courses perfect for golf that cost less money. Check out our guide on the cheapest golf courses in San Diego for an idea of how to scout out discount courses in your area.

3. Clean Your Own Shoes

Instead of tossing a pair that looks worn and dirty, try giving them a good cleaning. You would be surprised how brand new your shoes will look after you give them a proper cleaning. You will not need to buy another expensive, $200 pair of shoes for a while if you clean and treat them properly. Worst comes to worst, you can always use sneakers with good traction, such as a pair of cross-trainers.

4. Buy Clothes Out Of Season

Winter is the end of the golf season. Shops that sell golf clothes will want to get rid of this season’s collection to make room for the next season’s. While your clothes might be "out of season," the differences are minuscule. Plus, these clothes are guaranteed to be on sale.

5. Score The Internet For Tutorials

Golf instructors are expensive. Lessons are expensive. If you are a beginner and really want to learn the skills but don't want to pay someone to teach them, check the internet for tutorials. Go on Youtube to get some lessons for the price of watching an advertisement. Look up articles for tips on how to make the perfect swing. You have access to great golf lessons and instructors at your fingertips.

6. Pick When And How Long You Play Carefully

Many courses offer discounted twilight rates when it gets a little later in the day. If you head over after 3 o'clock, you can play for a lower price while still having enough sunlight to get in a full round. Many courses also let you play rounds with fewer than the standard 18 holes. This way you can get your golf fix but you don't have to pay the full price.

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7. Get Your Golf Balls Second Hand

While golf balls may not seem like a huge part of your budget, it eventually adds up. Plenty of sites sell golf balls used or recycled for a discounted price. If you are up for the challenge, head to the courts during winter. Go to the lakes and fish out your own balls. While it seems weird, a lot more people do it than you think. That is how they sell the extra online.

8. Go For A Walk

Some courses charge you under the radar to drive the carts, so your bill comes out higher than it could be if you walked the course. While this may seem daunting, it is good exercise and will save you a lot of money in the long run.

9. Stock Up On Food Before You Go

Like any budget moviegoer will tell you, get food at the store first. Prices of food on the courses are inflated. An energy drink and sandwich can bare the price tag that is three times what you pay at the store. You can cut your food budget down to almost nothing by going to the grocery store to get your food instead. A full round takes around 4 hours, so you will definitely get hungry.

10. Scout For Public Courses

Some cities have courses that are open to the public. Membership, equipment rental, even the food is cheaper. These courses often have coupons and promotions through local newspapers that will save you even more money, on top of the already discounted courses.

11. Reserve Your Tee Times Online In Advance

In general, reserving things early can help you save a couple of bucks off your ticket. This goes for playing golf on a budget too. Visit the course website and see if you can book a time slot. Most places give you a discount when you book a tee time early, so try to reserve it around a week in advance.

12. Bundle Your Glasses Together

If you need prescription eyewear on the course, consider getting prescription golf sunglasses. You won't have to get one prescription pair that is safe to wear on the golf course and another pair of sunglasses to shield your eyes from the sun. These glasses are two-in-one and will save you from buying another frame.

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