If you wear glasses, you may have heard of a progressive lens, A.K.A. a no-line bifocal. We're here to tell you how progressive lenses work and explain what they are, as well as answer some commonly asked questions—read on to learn more!

Table of Contents

1. What is a Progressive Lens?
2. How do Progressive Lenses Work?
3. Progressive Lenses for Computers
4. Are Progressive Lenses Right for Me?
5. Buying Progressives Online
6. Progressive Prescription Lenses at SportRx

Eyeglass Tyler explains everything you need to know about progressives in the video below.

What is a Progressive Lens?

A progressive lens is a newer lens technology best for people over 40 years of age. It's a blended multifocal with distance correction at the top, intermediate in the middle, and reading at the bottom. The goal is for the lens to work how your eye naturally works to let you see things both close up and far away.

Progressive lenses are made with an hourglass shape so there is some blurriness on the outer edges, but since it gives you your full range of vision, it's generally better than a bifocal despite being similar.

How do Progressive Lenses Work?

We use a digital progressive lens, which actually has dozens of incremental prescriptions between the distance and reading sections. You do have to point your nose at what you're looking at, and progressives may be tricky to get used to, but since they work like how your eyes do, many people prefer them over bifocals. They also have more lens options (such as colors and materials) than bifocals, so they're becoming more popular.

Overall, Tyler's best advice for those interested in progressive lenses is to work with them, not against them. He suggests a solid two weeks of consistent wear to get used to them. The process of learning to use them is intuitive, so you'll usually get used to them pretty quickly if you adapt to their quirks.

Progressive Lenses for Computers

For those who spend a lot of time on a computer every day, computer-specific progressives do exist. They make the most of the reduced intermediate area in a regular progressive lens to let you use your computer with ease. These lenses also include a reading area at the bottom in case you need to read something on paper.

In the interest of transparency and fairness, Tyler does want to point out that at SportRx we do not currently sell progressives for computers.

Are Progressive Lenses Right for Me?

It depends on what you're using your glasses for. For some sports, such as cycling and golf, we wouldn't usually recommend a progressive lens as reading vision isn't required as much. But some cyclists and golfers like their progressive lenses! On our sports progressives, we do set the reading vision lower so that it doesn't interfere with your distance as much.

We will also say that progressives are the most popular multifocal option for a reason. Many people over 40 prefer progressives over regular reading glasses, because you can have the reading prescription at the bottom and a neutral prescription at the top. You'll be able to wear your glasses all the time without needing to take them off to see far away. And unlike a bifocal with its hard lines, the reading correction on a progressive isn't as visible, which makes it a good cosmetic choice.

Having the intermediate section is the biggest advantage of getting progressive lenses. Many everyday activities, such as using a computer or looking at things on a grocery shelf, require intermediate vision.

Buying Progressives Online

Tyler notes that when shopping online, you definitely want to make sure you're getting your progressive lenses from a reliable source. These types of lenses aren't cheap and you get what you pay for, so cutting corners only results in glasses you won't love.

Naturally, since we're all about prescription glasses and sunglasses online, we sell progressives right here on sportrx.com!

To get help figuring out the best lens for your needs, we suggest contacting an optician. And to read more about the difference between bifocals and progressives, check out our post delving into the pros and cons of each.

Progressive Prescription Lenses at SportRx

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