We know you've probably heard lots about polarized lenses, and often search for them when purchasing sunglasses. Well, in case you were wondering how they really work this blog is here to help answer any questions you may have. Scroll below to learn more.

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1. Overview
2. How They're Made
3. Recommended Uses
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Tune in here to join Eyeglass Tyler in his home as he recaps how polarized lenses work.


Starting with a quick overview, you can also check out Polarized Vs. Non-Polarized Lenses for Your Sunglasses for a deeper dive into what "polarized lenses" really means, but to introduce this topic we'll recap. Polarized is a filter on your sunglasses that cuts glare — that light that bounces off of other objects; asphalt, other vehicles, water, etc. This is the only lens feature that can do so. Non-polarized lenses reduce light transmission but they don't cut glare.

How They're Made

Eyeglass Tyler mentions in the video above that as an optician he knows very well how polarized lenses work but he's no scientist so he did some research for us to find out how these lenses are actually made. So the chemical compound that is commonly used is made up of molecules that are naturally parallel to one another. When applied uniformly to your lenses, these molecules create a microscopic filter that absorbs any light that matches their alignment. The horizontal plane is where the majority of reflective light exists so these molecules running horizontally are going to absorb that light and protect you from that annoying glare.

There are brands that we carry that have their own proprietary polarized lenses; they love polarized as much as we do. These brands are Costa, Maui Jim, and Kaenon. All great brands if you love polarized sunglasses.

Recommended Uses

Some recommended and functional use for polarized lenses would depend on your needs and particular style. But, we do enjoy polarized lenses because they help cut unwanted glare from excess light and aid to protect your eyes well. They're definitely a good option for everyday use too. The cons, however, are that it does affect your depth perception. Not everyone experiences this but we had to mention it for fairness’ sake. We wouldn't recommend polarized lenses for sports that involve a ball because they can mess with your focus on that ball.

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