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Get all you need out of your golf sunglasses with the All In One lens

What’s better than a hole in one to a golfer? Not much. How about a pair of golf sunglasses that does everything in one? Okay, so it’s a close second. But hey, they may even help you get that hole in one!

The All in One lens was invented specifically for golf sunglasses. This pre-built custom sunglass lens encases an explicit combination of features that are engineered to heighten your visual acuity on the golf course. The rose copper lens tint enhances contrast vision, allowing you to get a more accurate read of the green and to track the ball more easily, whether it’s on the ground or in the air.

What’s more, this golf-specific lens adapts to your playing conditions. It is a photochromatic lens (also known as a transitions lens) that becomes darker or lighter, depending on the weather. It can darken to a full-on sunglass when it’s bright, and then become light enough for those low-light, early-morning tee times.

The All In One lens also comes equipped with a self-adjusting, red flash mirror coating to fight off the sun’s reflective glare, giving you squint-free vision on the course. It starts out as an iridescent finish, and then darkens into a solid mirror as the day gets brighter; giving you the protection you need, when you need it! Plus, the All In One lens features an anti-reflective coating for glare protection from all directions. With golf sunglasses that can do it all, what more could you ask for?

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