Dragon strives to bridge the gap between function and innovative design to push the boundaries of what's possible. In 2011, Dragon released the NFX. As the first frameless goggle ever produced, it revolutionized the snow goggle scene. Since then, the NFX goggle has been fine-tuned and updated into the NFX2, a staple of Dragon since 2014. We'll be looking at all the nuts and bolts of what makes the NFX2 such a great addition to everyone's goggle quiver.

Dragon NFX2 Review

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Watch the video below with Eyeglass Tyler and Dragon Rep Jon Finger or read on to find out all the details of this killer goggle!

Dragon NFX2

Like its predecessor, the NFX2 has the frameless goggle design with a cylindrical lens -- geared toward the youth rider aesthetic. Unlike the NFX traditional way of producing cylindrical lenses -- the lens shape is stamped out, then heated and bent to the curve of the finished lens. The NFX2 features premium injected mold lenses, so you get the same superior optical clarity as a spherical lens without losing the retro style. Optical clarity isn't just for the rider with 20/20 vision. With SportRx's prescription insert, everyone can rock these retro goggles. The inserts are designed to specifically fit the curvature of the NFX2 staying optically aligned and clear all day.

Debatably the easiest lens swapping tech on the market, the NFX2 has the Dragon Swiftlock lens system. With two levers on the side of the goggle's frame, you can easily release the lens and change it out on the go, even with gloves on. The Swiftlock lens changing system won't do you any good without a second lens to swap between. Luckily Dragon's got your back because these goggles come with a bonus lens for low light, covering all your bases.

Not only do the frames have armoured venting along the top of the frame that keeps the snow out, but the lenses also come with the Super Anti-Fog coating, keeping the moisture out and your vision clear.


Dragon NFX2 Snow Goggle in Jossi Wells Colorway with Lumalens Dark Smoke Lens

Dragon NFX2 Snow Goggle in Jossi Wells with Lumalens Dark Smoke Lens + Lumalens Rose

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Key Features:

  • Lumalens Color optimized lens with a bonus lens
  • Prescription insert compatible
  • Swiftlock Lens Change Technology easy lens swapping
  • Super Anti-fog Coating
  • Armoured venting to keep moisture out of the lens
  • Frameless design for expansive field of vision

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