When ordering your next pair of prescription sunglasses, you may see the option to include an anti-reflective (AR) coating. Should you get it? And do you really need it? Keep reading to find out when and where an AR coating makes the most sense.

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1. When do I Need an AR Coating on Sunglasses?
2. Do I Need an Anti-Reflective Coating on Polarized Sunglasses?
3. Prescription Sunglasses at SportRx

In the video below, a clean-shaven Eyeglass Tyler explains when you need an AR coating, as well as whether you need it on polarized sunglasses specifically.

When Do I Need an AR Coating on Sunglasses?

To recap what an AR coating is, it's a special coating available on both eyeglasses and sunglasses that minimizes glare and reflections off the surface of a lens to get more light through the lens.

AR is good on eyeglasses to increase optical clarity and make the lenses appear almost invisible, but it wouldn't make sense on sunglasses because you're trying to get less light through the lens, right? Actually, it's good to get a backside AR coating on sunglasses to prevent light from bouncing off the backside of the lens. If you've ever been able to see your own eye reflected in the lenses of your sunglasses, they probably don't have that backside AR.

Backside AR on sunglasses makes a difference, which is why just about every premium brand includes it in their lenses. Speaking of making a difference, we also recommend it especially for flatter frames. With a flatter frame (and lens), there's more opportunity for light to bounce off the back of the lens and into your eye.

Good news! If you order a mirror coating on any frame from SportRx, a backside AR coating is automatically included as well. Having a mirror makes it all the more important to eliminate that glare.

Do I Need an Anti-Reflective Coating on Polarized Sunglasses?

Some people wonder if AR affects polarized sunglasses differently. Put simply, it doesn't, and we highly recommend AR for both non-polarized and polarized sunglass lenses to minimize light transmission and glare from behind.

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