In short, yes. If that didn’t win you over, no worries! Read on for a comprehensive look on the importance of getting digitally surfaced lenses for your high wrap frame. Sports frames are different from your everyday glasses and require a more elegant solution to the challenges of obtaining pristine vision.

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1. Standard Prescription Lens vs. SportRx Digital Lens
1.1. Standard Prescription Lens
1.2. SportRx Digital Lens


Standard Prescription Lens vs. SportRx Digital Lens

The differences between standard lenses and SportRx Digital lenses all come down to: 1) how the lenses are manufactured and; 2) In what environment or activity the sunglasses were designed to be used.

Standard Prescription Lens

Let’s start with a standard prescription lens. Standard lenses are designed for a small base curved frame with little to no wraparound fit - think of your everyday eyeglasses. The finished lens is relatively flat. This typically means the wearer is looking through the lens straight on and in one main direction. The majority of the lens is crystal clear with some unnoticeable blurring toward the edges of the lens. Not a huge problem in day to day life.

Digital Lense example

Differences between Standard Prescription Lenses and SportRx Digital Lenses

Everything changes when a standard lens goes into a high wrap frame. A high wrap frame has a high base curve that hugs the curve of your face, providing better protection and coverage for your sport. A high base curve frame equals a high base curve lens to accommodate the design of the frame. Unfortunately, when a flat lens prescription is fit for a high wrap frame, the results are undesirable at best and disorienting at worst. The distracting blurred edges and fishbowl effect warp your vision causing strain or discomfort.

SportRx Digital Lens

SportRx digital lenses are different. The finished lens takes into consideration the curvature of the specific frame, producing a pair of glasses with edge-to-edge clarity and distortion-free, most accurate vision possible at all angles. Our lab utilizes Digital Surfacing Technology (DST) to calculate the specific curvature of the chosen frame and adjust the prescription to accommodate the high wrap frame design. This becomes particularly important for athletes who use their peripheral vision to line up a shot or hit a ball (i.e. baseball players, golfers, tennis etc). We are sport lovers and athletes, so we know firsthand the importance of clear vision while doing what you love most.

To get into more detail, a typical conventionally surfaced lens will cut the prescription to 1/4th of a diopter of focal power. This is how most Rx's are written. For example: a right eye prescription might look like OD -1.25. This is 1 and 1/4th of corrective power needed so the patient can see. But a digitally surfaced lens will cut the power to 1/100th of a diopter providing the most precise and crisp viewing through every part of the lens.

SportRx digital lenses aren’t just for single vision lenses, but also progressive lenses. Clear vision for the win!

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