Anti-fog safety glasses: How do they work?

Whether you work in a refrigerated area, a real hot and humid area, or you just sweat a lot, an anti-fog, safety-stamped lens might really benefit you!

How do anti-fog safety glasses work, you ask? The best safety glasses for sweaty situations are treated with an anti-fog coating that is hard-baked onto your prescription safety glasses lenses. On a microscopic level, the anti-fog coating changes the surface of the lens by creating tiny little ridges on it that prevent moisture from sticking to its formerly-smooth surface, thus preventing your safety glasses from fogging. You can’t see these little ridges with the naked eye – only clear, fog-free vision through your prescription anti-fog safety glasses!

In a work environment that requires you to wear an ANSI-certified pair of safety glasses, we've got you covered. The lens is safety stamped, the frame is safety stamped, and your invoice will even say safety on it. They're legit, and with all the features available to customize your anti-fog lenses you'll have no problem finding the perfect pair for you.

Polarized lenses, bi-focals, transitions, progressives, and mirror lenses are some of the many lens options you can choose from in your quest for the perfect safety glasses. No matter which option you go with, we can put an anti-fog coating on your lens so you'll stay fog free. Don't sweat the safety restrictions, we've got your back and with an anti-fog lens, even if you do tend to perspire, it's not going to cloud your vision.

If you think you need anti-fog safety glasses, all you have to do is select your pair of prescription safety glasses, and then add on the anti-fog coating option to your lens order. If you need help ordering your anti-fog safety glasses online, don’t hesitate to call us! Our friendly opticians are happy to help!

Be safe out there!