Day-and-night Prescription Lenses

Day & Night Lenses adapt to a range of light conditions

My top pick for pre-built custom sunglass lenses is the Day & Night lens; not because I'm a fan of Kid Cudi, but because they are so dang universal. They are a special type of Transitions that can be worn at any time, whether it’s at night in a dim setting, or mid-day under direct sunlight. The reason I say “special” is because unlike standard Transitions, these lenses darken all the way to become a full-on sunglass. And although the lens color starts out with a hint of grey, they are fully functional indoors and at night.

As for sport recommendations, the Day & Nights are hands down the best lenses for baseball and softball. Game times vary and these lenses adapt perfectly to bright day games as well as those nights under the lights. In addition, because polarized lenses typically affect depth perception (and therefore a player’s ability to accurately read the ball), these lenses are equipped with a premium anti-reflective coating instead. So they reduce glare from light reflecting off the front and back of your lenses, without comprising your ability to track a pitch or field a ball.

So like I said, these lenses are super universal. One lens. One pair. Multiple applications. You can do just about anything in them, whether it’s baseball, cycling, motorcycling…there’s really no limit. So choose your favorite frames from Oakley, Nike, Spy, etc., and custom-tailor them to your playing conditions with one of our awesome pre-built lenses, like the Day & Night.

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