How Many Cycling Lenses Do You Need?

We cyclists tend to be gear geeks, so the more stuff we have, the better. We have different jerseys, cycling shorts, arm and leg warmers, and other cold-weather gear to suit every condition. Some serious roadies even have different pairs of wheels for training and racing. And, when it comes to cycling sunglasses, many of us have several pairs or a frame with interchangeable lenses.

So when it comes to cycling safety and vision performance, how do you cover all your bases no matter what the weather is? Well, you could go the Batman route and a have hidden room in your Bat Cave (garage) that opens up to racks and racks of frames and lenses. But, for those of us that don’t have a Bruce Wayne budget you have to make some practical choices.

The good news is that today’s versatile lens technology makes it easy to have something in your gear bag that’s just right for your next ride. For example, our SportRx Start to Finish Lens is one of the most versatile cycling lens options you can find, and will work well in nearly any lighting condition.

However, let’s say you want to fine-tune your cycling vision and have a couple of different options for different lighting conditions. You don’t have to break your bank. All you have to do is have two lenses—one for each of two ranges that will cover most lighting conditions:

For Low to Medium Light Conditions: Obviously, in overcast or mostly cloudy days, or when other lighting conditions warrant, you want a lens that is on the lighter side of shading. A great lens in these conditions is the SportRx Over It Lens. It has self-adjusting technology which changes colors from amber to brown as brightness increases. But it’s generally a lighter shade of lens that’s great for low to medium light situations, as well as for mountain biking where contrast is more important in shaded single track.

For Medium to Bright Light Conditions: On moderately bright to sunny days, you want something dark enough to protect your peeps, but you still want high contrast and excellent glare protection. The SportRx Win Win Lens is a polarized lens with an eye-soothing rose copper hue, so it’s an ideal choice for those bright rides that are harsh on the eyes.

Bottom line, you can customize your cycling vision to any given condition with just these two lenses. Or, if you’re on a tight budget, the SportRx Start to Finish Lens will work well in a variety of conditions. You can opt to have two separate pairs of cycling sunglasses with each of these lenses, or you can purchase a frame that allows you to change lenses. Again, it just depends on your budget and personal preference. Either way, you’ll always have the perfect cycling lens for any day and any ride.

If you have more questions about prescription cycling sunglasses, feel free to contact us to speak with a sports optician!