Costa Del Mar is the pinnacle brand of versatility. It is designed for those who look for the most comfortable and affordable sunglasses having the best polarizing efficiency. Costa Silver Mirror Lenses have various VLT levels. Let’s go into details for different models. From highest opacity to lowest, we will be examining Costa Sunrise Silver Lens, Costa Copper Base Silver Mirror, and Costa Gray Base Silver Mirror.

Costa Del Mar

Costa Silver Mirror sunglasses will change your perspective with 580 lens technology. In-house light spectrum experts specifically worked on these lenses to get the best color enhancements for any situation. Costa 580 lens specifically filters the harsh yellow light at the 580 nm wavelength, intensifying the reds, greens, and blues in vision. The enhanced color also helps achieve sharper contrast and higher definition. Another superior feature of Costa 580 lens is the absorption of harmful high-energy blue light (HEV) known to cause eye damages. Likewise, Costa’s innovation continues with their latest product, the Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror Lens.

Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror

This yellow lens is specially manufactured for low light levels, allowing 30% of light in, which is three times brighter than any of the other mirror lenses. Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror would be excellent to achieve high-contrast contrast on overcast days, or when fishing at dusk and dawn. Additionally, the Costa lenses are completely polarized which aids color enhancement and depth perception in the vision.

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Costa Motu in Blackout with Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses

Features :

  • 30% Light Transmission. The best performance in dusk and dawn.
  • Filtering of harsh yellow visible light at 580 nm.
  • Heightened contrast.
  • Low light/overcast conditions.

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Costa Silver Mirror Copper Base

Costa Silver Mirror Copper Base lets 12% of light in and is relatively darker. Available in 580 color enhancing technology, the copper lens will give you some warmth by brightening up the scenery. It is great for fishing and great for being outdoors. Moreover, the silver mirror helps with more protection by reflecting extra light.

Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar in shiny black with 580 Copper Silver polarized lenses

Features :

  • 12% Light Transmission.
  • The best performance in varying light.
  • Excellent for sight fishing.
  • Everyday activities.
  • Most versatile.

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Costa Silver Mirror Gray Base

If you like neutral lenses and you want to see natural colors, you can try the newest Costa Silver Mirror Gray Base. These lenses maintain color saturation and natural contrast in medium to bright sun conditions. The gray base has a soothing effect while the silver mirror helps with extra brightness. Next to its cool and aesthetic look, these lenses are dark and highly protective by allowing only 10% of light to pass. Costa Silver Mirror Gray Base will fully suit you for every activity.

Costa Aransas

Costa Aransas in Matte Storm with 580G Grey Silver mirror lens

Features :

  • 10% Light Transmission. The great everyday choice.
  • Everyday activities on the water and land.
  • Anti-fatigue.
  • Overcast days.
  • Reduces glare, especially from the water.

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Which Costa Silver Mirror Lens should you pick?

It might be difficult to choose between all the base colors of the silver mirror. Let's make it simple. Sunrise Silver Mirror Lenses are specifically designed for performance in low light levels and not suitable for driving. The copper and gray bases have similar VLT and the major difference is color neutrality. If you want warmth and extra color enhancement, get the copper base. Otherwise, choose the gray base.

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