Costa Mens Sunglasses Size Guide

Having trouble determining which size Costa sunglasses fit best? If that's the case, SportRx has the perfect Costa Mens sunglasses size guide for you. Sunglass Rob and Jonathan from Costa break down some of the most popular Costa Sunglasses and explain which size will be the right fit. With sizes ranging from a small to extra large, you'll find Costa offers a wide range of sunglasses for all shapes and sizes. Check out our Costa Men's Sunglasses Size Guide below!

Larger Sizes

Costa Permit

The largest size that Costa offers would be found in sunglasses such as the Costa Permit. Most would consider this model a size double XL, as its even a little big for Rob's larger sized head. At the same time, a larger frame such as this has lots of wrap and coverage. What's more is that the Costa Permit specifically offers amazing vents in its design which prevent fogging.

Costa Permit in Matte Black with Blue lens

Permit Frame Dimensions

  • Bridge: 18mm
  • Frame Width: 139 mm
  • Temple Length: 117 mm
  • Lens width: 62mm
  • Lens height: 40mm

Costa Tuna Alley

The second largest size carried by Costa would be considered an XL size. The Costa Fish is a perfect example of this size.  Following that, we have the Tuna Alley which fits like a size large. While this pair is unbelievably comfortable, the Tuna Alley is not for a huge head and maybe a little small for those with larger sized heads.

Costa Tuna Alley in White with Gray lens

Tuna Alley Frame Dimensions

  • Bridge: 18mm
  • Frame width: 128mm
  • Temple length: 120mm
  • Lens width: 60mm
  • Lens height: 38mm

Average Sizes

Costa Corbina

Moving into more of a medium/large fit we have the Costa Corbina. The Corbina has been a Costa staple for a while now and is very comfortable. This model is a bit less aggressive looking due its smaller frame, but still maintains a full wrap design for maximum protection and visual coverage.

Costa Corbina in Tortoise with Green lens

Corbina Frame Dimensions

  • Bridge: 15mm
  • Frame width: 125mm
  • Temple: 120mm
  • Lens width: 67mm
  • Lens height: 39mm

Costa Blackfin

For those of you who are looking to go down even further in size, SportRX carries the Costa Blackfin. While the Blackfin has a larger lens than the Corbina, it definitely has a significantly smaller fit due to its frame design.

Costa Blackfin Prescription sunglasses Costa Blackfin sunglasses in matte black with green mirror 580 lenses.

Blackfin Frame Dimensions

  • Bridge: 14mm
  • Frame width: 143mm
  • Temple: 130mm
  • Lens width: 63mm
  • Lens height: 43mm

Costa Fantail

Last but not least, we have the Costa Fantail. This pair is going to be the smallest fit that you can find from Costa.

Costa Fantail in Camo with Gray lens

Fantail Frame Dimensions

  • Bridge: 16mm
  • Frame width: 140mm
  • Temple: 135mm
  • Lens width: 59mm
  • Lens height: 51mm

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Now that you understand the sizes that Costa has to offer are you ready to find your perfect sized sunglasses? If that's the case, then SportRx has you covered as we offer a wide range of Costa Sunglasses that will cover every range of sizes. So if you're ready to shop for some awesome Costa sunglasses then check out our collection here at SportRx. And if you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us!