Glasses are starting to become more common in sports and especially in kids sports. Ultimately, protective eyewear is something essential for kid's health and safety. Luckily, Bollé is a trusted brand helping athletes for over 100 years and now they have safety rated goggles for kids. Bollé glasses are designed to keep dynamic young athletes safe while enjoying their sport. The Bollé Swag Strap is a comfortable, cool pair of sports glasses that protect your child and save your pocket. Learn all there is about the Swag Strap today!

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Bollé Swag Strap Features

Bollé kids sports glasses will be sure to keep your child's eyes protected while they play the sports they love. Used for a variety of sports, the Swag Strap features full protection and visual accuracy with the use of Bollé polycarbonate lens technology. What's more, engineered venting systems promote airflow across the inside surface of the lens. This reduces the potential for moisture build up and maintains your perfect vision. On top of that, the Swag Strap is great for any active lifestyle and has a revolutionary shock absorption system. They are also equipped with 100% UVA and UVB filtration. With anti – fog “platinum” coating and anti scratch lenses, your child will be able to see clearly, while doing what they love.

For only $130, you can get your hands on the Bollé Swag Strap and ensure the protection of your child.

Bollé Swag Strap

Bollé Swag Strap

Bollé Swag Strap in Black/ Electric Blue with Clear Lenses

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