Picking out glasses for your kids can be daunting. You place safety first, but you also want to get something they’ll enjoy wearing. Whether your child is a star athlete, bookworm, or gamer, there are Oakleys that check all your boxes. Read on to learn more about Oakley’s best glasses for kids.

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Kids Glasses
B. Oakley’s Best Glasses for Kids
C. Best Place to Buy Kids Glasses

What to Look for in Kids Glasses

As a mom, you want the best for your kids. When it’s cold, you want them to have a warm jacket. When they’re playing sports, you want them to have reliable safety gear. When it comes to eyewear, those standards don’t change. That’s why SportRx is going to help you understand what to look for in kids’ glasses. No need to pick between safety and style. We’ll show you how Oakley protects your child while satisfying their stylish needs.

Frame Technology

Most kids pick out glasses, solely based on how they look. Without giving comfort a second thought, a frame gets purchased. Later, you have to face the hassle of filing a return in exchange for a less bulky pair.

Thankfully, when it comes to all-day wear, Oakley thought of it all. Each of these frames are designed with your child’s keen eye in mind and are made with Oakley’s proprietary O Matter™. This material is lightweight, flexible, and strong enough to withstand moments of divided attention.

Lens Technology

Whether you choose a sport-specific or lifestyle frame, all of these best kids glasses are available with Oakley authentic lenses. Oakley lenses come with an anti-reflective coating and are available in impact-resistant Plutonite. Plutonite works great for highly-active kids or as an overall safety measure for your child. For those children with strong prescriptions, Oakley lenses are also available in high index. Have a gamer at home? Select the 1.59 PRIZM™ Gaming lenses with blue light filtering technology.

Oakley’s Best Glasses for Kids


Oakley Frogskins XS RX

Oakley Frogskins XS RX Kids Glasses in Satin Black and Celeste Frame

Oakley Frogskins XS RX Kids Glasses in Satin Black and Celeste Frame

Shop Oakley Frogskins XS RX

In 1985, Oakley Frogskins sunglasses put Oakley on the map. Now available in smaller-sized prescription eyeglasses, your child can show off this cool, timeless design. The large lens height pairs well with Oakley PRIZM Gaming lenses to shield your YouTube enthusiast’s eyes from excessive blue light.

Key Features

  • Cool, original style for a timeless look
  • Tall lens height for optimal vision and coverage
  • SFW – 120 (What is SFW?)


Oakley Cartwheel

Oakley Cartwheel Kids Glasses in Polished Ice Blue Frame

Oakley Cartwheel Kids Glasses in Polished Ice Blue Frame

Shop Oakley Cartwheel

The Oakley Cartwheel is next on the list. Built for the anatomy of a child’s face, the molded-in nosepads are designed to fit the underdeveloped nose bridge of its youth wearers. It is available in bold and traditional colors to add a feminine variety to the Oakley youth collection and match your child’s own personality.

Key Features

  • Cute, feminine design
  • Available in bold and classy colors
  • SFW – 116 and 121 (What is SFW?)


Oakley Round Off

Oakley Round Off Kids Glasses in Polished Clear Frame

Oakley Round Off Kids Glasses in Polished Clear Frame

Shop Oakley Round Off

For a look that sets your child apart, get your child the Oakley Round Off. The frame features a hip, round style for a more vintage vibe. The adjustable ace-fit temples can be heated and molded to create a secure and custom fit. No need to get wound up in searching for exact frame measurements.

Key Features

  • Hip, round lenses
  • Malleable ace-fit temples
  • SFW – 118 and 123 (What is SFW?)


Oakley Crosslink XS

Oakley Crosslink XS Kids Glasses in Polished Grey Smoke Frame

Oakley Crosslink XS Kids Glasses in Polished Grey Smoke Frame

Shop Oakley Crosslink XS

Next up, the Oakley Crosslink XS is great for active youth. This frame has a classic rectangular shape, perfect for an all-day frame. Crosslink XS eyeglasses easily transition from the classroom to sport practice. They are a top seller in kids eyewear. Unobtainium™ earsocks provide a secure grip and get stickier the more your kid sweats. It’s a pair of eyeglasses your kid can wear from math to PE class.

Key Features

  • Classic, rectangular shape
  • Unobtainium grip along temple arms
  • SFW – 121 and 125 (What is SFW?)


Oakley Flak XS

Oakley Flak XS Kids Glasses in Matte Black Frame

Oakley Flak XS Kids Glasses in Matte Black Frame

Shop Oakley Flak XS

If your child needs indoor or nighttime sporting eyeglasses, or they simply love a sporty style, the Oakley Flak XS is a no-brainer. It features Unobtainium earsocks and nosepads for Oakley’s Three-Point-Fit system. Like other frames in the Oakley youth sunglasses collection, the Oakley Flak XS, can be customized with clear prescription lenses! Need help placing your clear lens order? Give SportRx a Call!

Key Features

  • Sport-specific frame
  • Unobtainium earsocks and nosepads
  • SFW – 128 (What is SFW?)

Best Place to Buy Kids Glasses

Unsure where to buy your child the best glasses? Many websites offer steep discounts on Oakley eyewear. But buyer, beware. Oftentimes, prices have been marked up beforehand to appear heavily discounted. At SportRx, you will find the lowest prices when it comes to authorized Oakley dealers. Should there ever be an event where that’s not the case, simply ask for the Price Match Promise.

Not only does SportRx have great prices, we take pride in giving you the best shopping experience. We have certified opticians available 7 days a week to help you choose the best sized glasses, style, and lenses for your child’s vision needs. In a perfect world, your kid will love their new Oakley kids glasses. But let’s face it, kids can be hard to please. If they’re not 100% satisfied with their new Oakley eyeglasses, send them back. We will give you a full refund or credit towards a better pair. We cover shipping and charge zero return fees.