Every year you have to be properly equipped for your mountain biking adventures. Wondering what the best Smith MTB Sunglasses are? Look no further and follow along to learn which ones we think are the finest for mountain biking and why we chose these sunglasses specifically.

Features to look for in MTB Sunglasses

Fit - Fit is always important when you wear any kind of glasses but with MTB sunglasses, they have to fit like a glove to allow you to have worry-free rides. The fit is also key because the sunglasses should be helmet compatible. That is why we recommend straight-back temples that will not interfere with the helmet.

Grip - Rides get bumpy and we do not want to focus on fixing our sunglasses every couple of minutes so having great grip is adamant in MTB sunglasses. We recommend sunglasses with rubber on both the nose pads and temples that will ensure the grip of the sunglasses even on sweaty occasions.

Coverage and protection - Here we look for a great wrap around the whole eye cavity to guarantee the best peripheral and protection for the whole eye. The greater the wrap, the greater the peripheral and therefore you will see with more clarity on all angles.

Lightweight - This is a key factor when it comes to comfort and performance. Lightweight builds are huge when it comes to comfort because the sunglasses will barely feel that they are on. Also, the less weight, the faster you will go!

Contrast - Dark vs Light: In general, you want a lens that is lighter than darker, with as much contrast as possible is the best way to go. When in doubt, go for the lighter lens to amplify contrast.

Material - For safety reasons, always, and I mean it when I say always, go for plastic frames and lenses, never glass lenses or metal frames. If you ever happen to crash or fall, glass and metal can be fatal to your health and at SportRx, we care about your safe experiences and adventures.

Fit, Grip, Coverage, Protection, Lightweight frames, high contrast and plastic frames and lenses are what you should be looking for in Mountain Biking Sunglasses. This is why we think the following are the best Smith MTB Sunglasses:

Best SMITH MTB Sunglasses

SMITH Tempo and Tempo Max


SMITH Tempo in Matte White with ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror lens

SMITH Tempo is a new versatile model since it will give you a trail and road-friendly excellent visual performance. Tempo Max is the XL version.

  • Semi-rim construction with interchangeable lens technology
  • ChromaPop lenses for bright light and low light conditions
  • Megol nose pads
  • Performance injected TR90 frame material
  • 9 base lens curvature
  • Auto-lock hinges
  • Rx compatible
  • Includes additional ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash lenses

SMITH Attack and Attack Max


SMITH Attack in Squall with ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror

Fashion forward design in this bigger sunglass that will feel as light as a feather. SMITH Attack Max is the XL version.

  • Two ChromaPop lenses
    • Extra ChromaPop Contrast Rose Flash lens
  • Hydroleophobic lens coating
  • Custom case
  • Two-position adjustable nose pads
  • Hydrophilic megol temple & nose pads for a secure fit
  • Interchangeable replacement lenses provide options for every condition

SMITH Pivlock Arena and Pivlock Arena Max

Pivlock Arena

SMITH Pivlock in Matte Black Reactor with ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror lens

Designed for the greatest coverage, the SMITH Pivlock Arena will protect you while descending at high-speed. SMITH Pivlock Arena Max is the XL version.

  • Carbonic TLT lenses
  • TR90 frame material
  • Hydroleophobic lens coating
  • Two-position adjustable nose pads
  • Slide-on temple tips
  • 7x4 toric lens curvature
  • Rx Inserts available with Pivlock Arena & Pivlock Arena Max

SMITH Rebound

Smith Rebound

SMITH Rebound in Matte Rise with ChromaPop Sun Red Mirror lens

This model is brand new and built to meet the need of enduro riders.

  • ChromaPop™ lenses
  • Megol nose pads
  • 9 base lens curvature
  • Auto-lock hinges
  • Rx compatible

Shop Prescription SMITH MTB Sunglasses at SportRx

If you are in need of prescription mountain bike sunglasses, you have run into the right people. At SportRx we can make your favorite model into prescription. If you are not completely satisfied, with our See Better Guarantee you can return your pair within 45 days of the purchase and get a full refund or credit towards a new pair. Free shipping both ways!