Smith is doing great things by reinventing protection; creating helmets that go above and beyond current safety standards. This is important to Smith because riders are changing the way they ride. Meaning, they're more aggressive, riding faster and farther than ever. Smith helmet technology focuses on the different types of impacts riders encounter; low speed, high speed, rotational, and multiple-impact. Smith’s commitment to safety and advanced technology will bring you the confidence you need while riding. Before exploring the best Smith helmets available at, let's break down the technology that goes into them.

MIPS Helmet Technology

Some of the best Smith helmets are available with MIPS helmet technology, otherwise known as a “multi-directional impact protection system." MIPS serves as the most advanced technology when it comes to brain protection. To protect the brain in the event of an oblique impact, MIPS reduces the rotational forces that are generated from an angled crash. Smith MIPS helmets have a sliding layer between the head and the outer shell of the helmet, which works to decrease the rotational force, ultimately lowering the chance of brain injury.


Aerocore™ Construction

Aerocore™ construction has four primary benefits: improved airflow and ventilation, increased impact resistance, reduced helmet volume and weight, and fog-free vision. Helmets with this feature are able to absorb more energy on impact and increase airflow with EPS and Koroyd® materials. Aerocore™ has become a popular feature among the best Smith helmets because it allows for cool air to come in and exhaust heat to exit for full breathability.


Smith helmets, Aerocore construction, Aerocore featuring Koroyd

Smith helmet diagram of Aerocore construction.


Shell Construction

Smith helmets offer a number of shells. Smith snow helmets come in Hybrid In-Mold, In-Mold, and Bombshell options. The Hybrid In-Mold incorporates a tough Bombshell material with a lightweight In-Mold technology to create the perfect, clean fit. In-Mold construction is known for its lightweight, comfortable feel that minimizes helmet weight. Bombshell construction is made of tough material to protect riders from high-impacts and ensure durability.


Smith Fit

The top two Smith fits are the Boa® FS360 Fit System and the Smith X Boa Fit System. The Boa FS360 has a 360-degree halo design that gives riders forward and lateral fit adjustments with the inbuilt dial system. This snug fit decreases helmet hot spots and is Smith’s best-in-class fit system. The Smith X Boa also offers an intuitive dial system for fit adjustments. This Smith helmet fit has a three-quarter haloed design for vertical and self-centering adjustability.


Ultimate Integration

Smith helmets also offer ultimate integration, allowing your goggles and helmet to function as one system. The technology behind this magic is the AirEvac ventilation system. AirEvac keeps warm moist air away from your goggles and eventually away from your head, maximizing airflow. This is done through precise alignment and external vents.

Smith helmets, ultimate integration, AirEvac Ventilation System

Smith helmets feature ultimate integration with AirEvac ventilation system.



If you are in need of a top-performing snow helmet for the slopes, Smith helmets have the technology and style to protect you during your next adventure. Lets now take a closer look at the best Smith helmets and what each helmet features. All helmets can be found at

Smith Quantum Snow Helmet

Are you the type of athlete who pushes the limits out on the slopes? Who doesn’t need to worry about protection when facing your next challenge? Well, then the Smith Quantum Snow Helmet was made for you. Arguably the best snow helmet out there with its Boa FS360 fit system and AirEvac technology. Smith Quantum also uses Aerocore and Hybrid shell construction to ensure protection in the most dangerous situations. The list of features goes on with the Smith Quantum MIPS Snow Helmet, fulfilling the needs of any top athlete.


best Smith helmets, Smith Quantum Snow helmet, MIPS technology

Smith Quantum Snow Helmet featured in Matte Black Charcoal.



Smith Vantage Snow Helmet

Smith Vantage Snow Helmet is for hard-core riders seeking safety and a comfortable fit. This Smith helmet offers full coverage protection and optimal airflow with its Aerocore construction and keeps the rider in mind with the AirEvac technology for goggle integration. The Vantage helmet fits comfortably with its adjustable Boa FS360 fit system and Nanosilver performance lining. This helmet is all about technology and style.


Best Smith helmets, Smith Vantage Snow Helmet, MIPS technology

Smith Vantage Snow Helmet featured in Matte White.


Smith Variance Snow Helmet

Receiving the highest compliments, Smith Variance Snow Helmet ensures protection and a comfortable helmet fit. The Hybrid shell construction provides the protection, while the adjustable Smith X Boa fit system provides the unbeatable fit. Lastly, Variance has AirEvac 2, which gives riders control over internal airflow and climate control.

best Smith helmets, Smith Variance Snow Helmets, MIPS technology

Smith Variance Snow Helmet featured in Matte Black.


Smith Sequel Snow Helmet

Improving on an older style, Smith Sequel Snow Helmet incorporates timeless lines and spices it up with Smith’s most advanced technology. This model has a light hybrid shell construction and AirEvac ventilation. This snow helmet also has the adjustable Smith X Boa fit system, allowing riders to adjust the fit of their helmet easily with one hand. If you like to sport the classic look, go get yourself the Sequel helmet.

Smith helmets, Smith Sequel Snow helmet,

Smith Sequel Snow Helmet featured in Matte White.

Smith Camber Snow Helmet

Lastly, the Smith Camber Snow Helmet is a safe, light helmet option for the mountains. The Camber helmet has an ultra-light In-Mold construction, giving it its light look and feel. Don’t let this fool you though; the Camber still offers top-notch protection with its edgy style. Smith Camber helmet is also available with MIPS technology.

best Smith helmets, Smith Camber Snow Helmet, MIPS technology

Smith Camber Snow Helmet featured in Matte Black.

Smith Helmets Available Online at

Smith has arguably the best collection of snow helmets out there and they can all be found online at With the most advanced technologies and protection and safety of the rider as a top priority, Smith helmets are unbeatable. The best Smith helmets featured here are all available online at SportRx and are available in several color options. If you need a pair of Smith goggles or Smith prescription goggles to pair with your new helmet, we've got you covered there too! If you need anymore information or have any questions about Smith helmets, don't hesitate to call SportRx. Our team is ready to assist you, 7 days a week!