Not only is Rudy Project one of the best brands for cyclists, they also make great frames for high Rx needs. In the video below, Sunglass Rob joins Lea from Rudy Project to talk about the top 7 best Rudy Project sunglasses. Read on to learn more!

1. Rudy Project Rydon

Rudy Project Rydon in Matte Black Impactx Photochromic Lens from clear to balck

Rudy Project Rydon in Matte Black with Impactx Photochromic Lens - Clear to Black

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A bestseller for Rudy Project, the Rydon is a great frame for cyclists, runners, or pretty much any athlete who loves this look. Boasting fully adjustable temples and nose pads, the Rydon takes it up a notch by also offering interchangeable lenses to let you cover any situation, anytime, anywhere. Also available with an Rx Dock or Rx Insert for higher prescriptions.

2. Rudy Project Rydon Slim

Rudy Project Rydon Slim

Rudy Project Rydon Slim in Carbon with Polar 3FX HDR Multilaser Green Lenses

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New for 2019, Rudy Project has scaled down the Rydon to create the Rydon Slim, a perfect fit for smaller faces. It still has all the same great features of the standard Rydon, including incredible durability. If you're hard on your glasses, give Rudy Project a try. Also available with an Rx Dock for higher prescriptions.

3. Rudy Project Spinair 56

Product image of Rudy Project Spinair 56 in Crystal Graphite with Polarized 3FX HDR Multilaser Green Lens

Rudy Project Spinair 56 in Crystal Graphite with Polarized 3FX HDR Multilaser Green Lens

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The Spinair collection is for those who want to look good while working out. The Spinair 56 has a rounder shape with a double bridge for a more casual, everyday look. They still have rubberized nose pads and temples to let you get the custom sport feel you need.

4. Rudy Project Spinair 57

product image of rudy project spinair 57 in demi gloss with brown lens

Rudy Project Spinair 57 in Demi Gloss with Brown Deg Lens

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A SportRx bestseller, the Spinair 57 offers a rectangular style with lots of coverage. These sunglasses come with two sets of interchangeable nose pads and temples to better accommodate a variety of facial features and combat regular wear and tear.

5. Rudy Project Spinair 58

Rudy Project Spinair 58 in Carbonium with Polarized 3FX HDR Multilaser Red Lenses

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The Spinair 58 is similar to the 57 but features a semi-rimless style, which allows for more airflow and a slightly sportier look than its counterparts. Its flatter frame shape (along with the other Spinair sunglasses) also makes the Spinair 58 very Rx-friendly.

6. Rudy Project Horus

Rudy Project Horus sunglasses

Rudy Project Horus in Anthracite/Graphite with Laser Black Lenses

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An oldie but a goodie, the Rudy Project Horus has withstood the test of time. Its adjustable nose pads let you adjust these if you're cycling in the aero position, and the interchangeable bezel system and its ability to handle a wide variety of prescriptions makes these a SportRx staple.

7. Rudy Project Exception

Rudy Project Exception + Rx Insert sunglasses

Rudy Project Exception + Rx Insert in Matte Black with Polarized 3FX Grey Lenses

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For many sunglasses with an insert, it's often an afterthought. Not with the Exception. The insert is flatter than the lenses so it is more Rx-friendly than most, and the flip-up system prevents fogging and lets you move between indoor and outdoor environments without needing to switch or remove your sunglasses. No matter how high your prescription goes, the Exception can take it.

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