When the standards of quality are as high as Randolph Engineering's, they don't make it easy to pick a frame. After all, every Randolph Aviator is designed and built with top-grade materials and the utmost attention. So, this is where SportRx comes in. Our expert opticians tested their top styles to curate a flawless lineup of the best Randolph USA Aviator sunglasses. All made in the USA. All devastatingly stylish. And all available with prescription. Discover our top three picks below!

Table of Contents

A. What to Look for in Randolph Engineering Aviators
B. Best Randolph USA Aviator Sunglasses
1. Aviator
2. Aviator II
3. Concorde
C. Shop Randolph Engineering Prescription Sunglasses Online at SportRx

What to Look for in Randolph Engineering Aviators

Founded in 1973, Randolph Engineering has been a trusted eyewear provider to our U.S. military — and the Aviator is their signature style. Let's review common features found on all Randolph Aviators in today's lineup:

Made in USA

Randolph USA Aviator sunglasses are made in a series of 200 steps in Randolph, Massachusetts. Many of these steps are done by hand and are the same as they were over 40 years ago! This commitment to American production is one of the building blocks to Randolph Engineering's craftsmanship and continued success over generations.

Custom Fit

Get the most out of your Randolph USA Aviator sunglasses with a fit made just for you. Many Randolph Aviators are available in multiple sizes, so you can find your perfect match. The frames also all have adjustable nose pads and flexible temples, so you can truly customize the fit.

20/20 Vision

Randolph lenses are top-of-the-line and built to last. Choose from a variety of materials like their SkyTec™ Glass and SkyForce™ Nylon, both of which provide pristine optical clarity and enhanced contrast. Does your vision need a boost? All Randolph Aviators in today's lineup are also available with SportRx custom prescription lenses. Tailor-made to your Rx and personal style, you'll get custom Randolph Aviator prescription sunglasses that you'll wish you had gotten sooner.

Randolph Engineering Aviator

It should come as no surprise that this lineup starts with the iconic Randolph Aviator. Dating back to the '70s, the Aviator was originally commissioned by the U.S. military for American fighter pilots. The result of this collaboration was a durable and stylish frame that provided pristine optical clarity while adhering to military specifications and standards. Today, the Aviator continues to be made to MIL-S-25948J standards and remains one of the most popular Aviator styles and a signature Randolph Engineering frame.

The Randolph Aviator features a metal frame that demonstrates the pinnacle of eyewear craftsmanship. It is constructed of special metal alloys that resist rust and oxidation, and is available in a variety of unique finishes. Bayonet temples are one of its standout elements and were originally designed to keep the frame in place when under g-force in fighter jets. This temple style fits seamlessly under the pilot's headgear — or today's modern hats.

As for the lenses, the Randolph Engineering Aviator is available with SkyTec™ Glass lenses or SkyForce™ Nylon lenses. Both lens materials provide outstanding optics, 100% UV protection, and feature hydro-oleophobic coatings to repel water and oil.

Randolph Engineering Aviator sunglasses in bright chrome silver with clear temple tips and grey green lenses.

Randolph Engineering Aviator in Bright Chrome with Glass SkyTec™ AGX Lenses

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Randolph Aviator Key Features:

  • Special metal alloy construction resists rust & oxidation
  • Bayonet temples provide comfortable grip & fit seamlessly under hats & helmets
  • Available with Randolph SkyTec™ Glass or SkyForce™ Nylon lenses that are optically pristine
  • Rx-able with SportRx Custom Lenses
  • SportRx Frame Width: 52 eyesize - 132; 55 eyesize - 136; 58 eyesize -143 (What is SFW?)

Randolph Engineering Aviator II

As the name suggests, the Randolph Aviator II takes inspiration from the original Aviator. It has many similar features, such as the lightweight metal frame, bayonet temples, and adjustable nose pads, but now with a new addition — an acetate sweat bar. This design element creates a unique and distinctive look that makes your Randolph Aviators stand out from the crowd.

There is also a noteworthy difference in sizing when comparing the Aviator II to the Aviator. The original Aviator is available in three eyesizes, while the Aviator II is available in one eyesize: 55. However, this eyesize is rather versatile and works on a variety of face shapes for men and women.

Randolph Engineering Aviator II sunglasses in chrome silver with polarized grey green lenses.

Randolph Engineering Aviator II in Bright Chrome with Glass SkyTec™ Polarized AGX Lenses

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Randolph Aviator II Key Features:

  • Acetate sweat bar creates a unique & distinctive look
  • Stainless steel screws are virtually unbreakable & present in all Randolph sunglasses
  • Same frame design & lens shape as the original Randolph Aviator
  • Rx-able with SportRx Custom Lenses
  • SFW: 55 eyesize - 135

Randolph Engineering Concorde

Rounding out our lineup of the best Randolph USA Aviator sunglasses, we present to you: the Concorde. Another iconic look that is well-aligned with a traditional Aviator design. Unlike the Aviator and Aviator II's square lens design, the Concorde features a teardrop lens that provides even more sun protection. It's a more dramatic shape that makes an excellent choice for those who are particularly light sensitive and appreciate the extra lens real estate. The Concorde also features skull temples, which are one of the most popular styles for modern eyewear. Skull temples create a comfortable grip and are somewhat flexible, so you get a custom fit. Overall, the Concorde provides another stylish option with the same high-quality construction and materials as all Randolph Engineering Aviators.

Randolph USA Aviator sunglasses in gold with grey green lenses.

Randolph Engineering Concorde in 23k Gold E.P. with Glass SkyTec™ AGX Lenses

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Randolph Concorde Key Features:

  • Teardrop lens shape provides more lens real estate & sun protection
  • Skull temples create a comfortable, custom fit
  • Made in the USA in 200 steps over a period of six weeks
  • Rx-able with SportRx Custom Lenses
  • SFW: 57 eyesize - 138; 61 eyesize - 149

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