The daily grind starts with a daily commute. Maybe a stop for coffee or the scenic route to get that Monday started off on the right foot. Whichever road you choose, you want men's driving sunglasses that give you vivid optics, comfort, and a style that says something about the relationship between man and his machine.

A man’s driving sunglasses are a significant style choice. Nothing stands out more from your everyday monkey suit than a sleek set of shades. Fellas, this one item is our chance to peacock a little. You might try to match your hot rod or possibly, you want something that looks good for that car ride on a weekend date. Either way, you’ll be sliding these on to drive quite a bit. The average American spends more than 200 hours commuting every year. Guys, look good and do your eyes a favor, get a pair of driving sunglasses.

Table of Contents

1. What To Know About Men’s Driving Sunglasses
2. Frames
2.1. Material
2.2. Fit
2.3. Style
3. Lenses
3.1. Polarized
3.2. Rose
3.2. Grey
4. Men's Driving Sunglasses
4.1. Costa Aransas
4.2. Costa Slack Tide
4.3. Costa del Mar
4.4. Maui Jim Mavericks Mar
4.5. Kaenon Burnet
4.6. Oakley Holbrook
4.7. Oakley Latch
4.9. Serengeti Agostino


What To Know About Men’s Driving Sunglasses


Based on the fact that you are reading this blog on Men’s Driving Sunglasses, it’s probably safe to assume that you spend a fair amount of time behind the wheel. It doesn’t matter if this is because of your commute or a car centered lifestyle. What matters is that you look good and have comfortable frames.

Materiel: You have a few options here depending on the look that you want. Mostly, you’ll be dealing with metal, nylon, or plastic.

Fit: Because you spend so much time in your car, you DO NOT want frames that squeeze or pinch. Sunglasses should be a comfortable friend of your face. Look for frames that rest comfortably on your face.

Style: Another thing to consider is where else you might wear these. If you have a penchant for adventuring or activity, you may want something that’s capable both on and off the road. That’s not to say that you can’t have a second set of shades for that hike or beach volleyball game as well. What we are saying is that if these are going to be multi purpose, keep that in mind while shopping.


Out on the road, you are bombarded with light. Reflection of signs, cars, water, and of course the sun are all sources of bright rays. Depending on where you live, light conditions may vary. Because of this, you may want a different lens tint depending on your region’s weather.

Polarized: At the end of the day, a polarized lens is going to be the go-to for most drivers. The vast majority of drivers are trying to shade their eyes from the sun and polarized lenses do an excellent job of blocking out harmful rays and putting a dimmer on mid-day brightness. If you have sensitive eyes, this is more than likely the best option.

Rose Tint: Rose tints can be a good choice if you live in a climate with varying light conditions and want to see vivid contrast. The downside to these lenses is that they simply won’t give you the desired relief on brighter days.

Grey Base: A grey lens has a nice soothing effect and can be a great way to dull the sun’s rays. This is an apt choice if you have light-sensitive eyes.

Men’s Driving Sunglasses

Costa Aransas

Costa Aransas

Costa Aransas in Shiny Ocean Tortoise with grey 580G Lenses

The Aransas is great. From the high quality acetate material used in the frames, to the incredible optic clarity found in the lenses, you really can't go wrong. Costa's polarized lenses filter out harmful HEV blue light as well as yellow light, keeping your eyes in great shape on the brightest days. For further protection, mirrored lens options are available as well. We give these sunglasses the green light to hit the road!

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Costa Slack Tide

Costa Slack Tide men's driving sunglasses

Costa Slack Tide in Matte Black with 580G Blue Mirrored lenses

Another great option from Costa is the Slack Tide. The rubber nose piece and temples will give you some extra grip if you decide to add some action to your day. You know, a spontaneous kayaking trip or spelunking expedition. The slight wrap in this frame gives a little extra peripheral protection, which is always nice for those of us with sensitive eyes. If you end up just cruising with the windows down accompanied by some good tunes, these shades will still be keeping your eyes protected from any harmful rays or irritants in the air.

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Costa Del Mar

Costa Del Mar Men's Driving Sunglasses

Costa del Mar in Shiny Kelp with Grey 580G Lenses

Classic look meets modern lens tech with these cool Costa's. You will look fly, fresh, hip, styled, and dialed with these rad road shades. Burning rubber or laying down quality miles with the honey, you will be looking great while reaping the benefits of the best lenses Costa has to offer.

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Maui Jim Mavericks

Maui Jim Mavericks

Maui Jim Mavericks in Black with Neutral Grey Lenses

Ummm, what's cooler than Top Gun? Cut off jean shorts, beach volleyball, Kenny Logins "Danger Zone", and classic aviators. Yes, they had it all. And you can have it all with a pair of Maui Jim Mavericks! Lenses have come a long way since the classic movie so you can be sure that your eyes are going to thank you while you're looking ACE in these classics. Our only suggestion is to leave the cut off jean shorts at home.

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Kaenon Burnet

Kaenon Burnet Mid

Kaenon Burnet Mid in Matte Black/Tortoise with Grey 12 polarized lenses

It won't matter what type of car you drive, you will look good behind the wheel. These comfortable wrapped frames will keep you protected on all sides while the high quality polarized lenses will keep harmful rays off your retinas. If that doesn't have you sold, just picture yourself sitting behind the wheel of your dream car and how cool you'll look.

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Oakley Holbrook

holbrook polarized

Oakley Holbrook in Matte Black Tortoise with PRIZM Sapphire Polarized

The Holbrook has a modern look to it that still fits in anywhere. Oakley's PRIZM lenses offer you high contrast on the road as well as stellar protection from UV rays. The comfortable lightweight frame is surprisingly durable, meaning it will last as long as its epic looks. This all adds up to a loud statement piece on your face whether you're in a suit and tie, or jeans and T-Shirt.

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Oakley Latch

Oakley Latch Key

Oakley Latch Key in Black and Red Rims With Polarized Lenses

Semi-rimless and sleek, the Latch (latch key for prescription) is a very cool classic frame. Like the Holbrook, the Latch or Latch Key gives you the best of both worlds with a modern take that pays homage to the retro. We can talk all day about how cool you'll look in these, but let's just focus on the specs. O-matter frame material is hyper light weight and you get the world class lens tech that you should expect from Oakley. These are road ready and red hot.

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Ray-Ban RB3716 Metal Clubmaster

Ray-Ban RB3716 Metal Clubmaster in Matte Black/Gold with Green Lenses

If you haven't looked over in traffic and seen someone looking cool wearing the Clubmaster, than you must not get out much. These are THE classic shades and will never go out of style. Looking for the perfect pair of shades for your clean classic Chevy? The Clubmaster fits the bill. Never go out of style rocking the Clubmaster.

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Serengeti Agostino

Serengeti Agostino

Serengeti Agostino in Shiny Gunmetal with Polarized Drivers lenses

Gradient Mirrored Lenses and a sleek wire metal frame. The Serengeti Agostino will stand out while also giving drivers excellent vision on the roads. Gradient lenses offer a darker tint towards the top with a decreasing tint further down the lens. Your eyes will be focused through the darker tint while looking up the road, keeping them shielded from the sun. When you look down at the dials in your car, the lesser gradient tint will allow you to see the radio or anything else you may be needing to see. Stand out while you sit and drive with the Agostino.

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