For impeccable style and quality, look no further than Maui Jim. They've got a unique design to match every personality, so that from the moment you slip them on, to the moment you take them off, your confidence radiates from the inside out. Continue on to discover the best Maui Jim women's eyeglasses of the year and transform into a truer you.

Best Maui Jim Women's Eyeglasses

1. MJO2122
2. MJO2114
3. MJO2207
4. MJO2123
5. MJO2208
6. MJO750
7. MJO2416
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To see the frames in real time, join Stephanie as she goes over each of the 7 best Maui Jim women's eyeglasses.

Best Maui Jim Women's Eyeglasses

Each frame on the list of the best Maui Jim's women's eyeglasses is hand-selected by an expert SportRx optician. If you have questions about your prescription, or simply want some friendly advice, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Maui Jim MJO2122

Kicking off the frames belonging to Maui Jim's Acetate Collection is the MJO2122. They're created with thin, lightweight acetate and outfitted with adjustable wire core temples and a spring hinge for a customized, secure fit.

Maui Jim MJO2122 Women's Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2122 in Cinnamon Fade to Rose

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Key Maui Jim MJO2122 Features:

  • Acetate Collection
  • Saddle-style fixed bridge
  • Kapa temple core
  • SFW - 131 - M-L

Maui Jim MJO2114

Characterized by lightweight comfort, Maui Jim's MJO2114 optical frames are suited for that all-day wearability you need when you're determined to get things done. They're also equipped with a spring hinge for a flex-fit that won't squeeze your temples.

Maui Jim MJO2114 Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2114 in Cherry Tortoise

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Key Maui Jim MJO2114 Features:

  • Acetate Collection
  • Saddle-style fixed bridge
  • Available with Palm Frond or Sea Fan temple core
  • SFW - 132 - L

Maui Jim MJO2207

The classic squared silhouette of the Maui Jim MJO2207 is elevated with a slight, yet eye-catching, cateye. A unique two-tone colorway further demands attention and the thin wire temple cores ensure a comfortable fit that will stay in place no matter what your day holds.

Maui Jim MJO2207 Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2207 in Milky Almond & Tortoise with Sea Fan Core

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Key Maui Jim MJO2207 Features:

  • Acetate Collection
  • Saddle-style fixed bridge
  • Sea Fan temple core
  • SFW - 132 - L

Maui Jim MJO2123

Ready to be bold? Maui Jim's MJO2123 eyeglasses feature a playful cateye to showcase your individuality while maintaining that feather-light comfort of thin acetate frames.

Maui Jim MJO2123 Women's Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO2123 in Black Gloss

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Key Maui Jim MJO2123 Features:

  • Acetate Collection
  • Saddle-style fixed bridge
  • Kapa temple core
  • SFW - 130 - M

Maui Jim MJO2208

Perfectly on trend, Maui Jim's MJO2208 optical frames boast a round shape with a keyhole nose bridge for that special, standout feature. The distinctive wire core detail can be found on the inner temples and they have a spring hinge for a relaxing flex-fit.

Maui Jim MJO2208

Maui Jim MJO2208 in Olive Tortoise with Spear Core

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Key Maui Jim MJO2208 Features:

  • Acetate Collection
  • Spear temple core
  • Keyhole-style fixed bridge
  • SFW - 128 - M

Maui Jim MJO750

The last in the lineup for Maui Jim's optical Acetate Collection, the MJO750 is the best friend you didn't know you had. Ready to accompany you whether you're at home or out and about, indoors or in the sun, they're unbelievably lightweight, durable, and available with a polarized lens attachment for quick and convenient versatility.

Maui Jim MJO750 Women's Eyeglasses

Maui Jim MJO750 in Brown, White, & Blue

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Key Maui Jim MJO750 Features:

  • Acetate Collection
  • Saddle-style fixed bridge
  • Sturdy pin hinge
  • SFW - 130 - M

Maui Jim MJO2416

Maui Jim's MJO2416 is a mixed composition frame from their Specialty Metals Collection. Stainless steel temples give way to a nylon frame front for an intriguing twist we can't help but love. They've got a ton of lens real estate for a clear, frame-free view, and the adjustable nose pads help lift them off your face and away from your cheekbones.

Maui Jim MJO2416

Maui Jim MJO2416 in Matte Blue With Dark Gun Temples

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Key Maui Jim MJO2416 Features:

  • Specialty Metals Collection
  • Fixed bridge with adjustable nose pads
  • Sturdy pin hinge
  • SFW - 137 - L-XL

Maui Jim Optical Lens Options

To further customize your dream glasses, Maui Jim offers a wide selection of lenses. We'll give you an idea of which lens is best for you, but keep in mind every option has the following coatings:

  • Anti-reflective (AR)- helps to cut glare
  • ClearShell- scratch-resistant
  • Hydrophobic- repels water
  • Oleophobic- repels oil, dirt, grime

Sports & Activities

Because of their high impact resistance, it's a good idea to get polycarbonate or trivex lenses if you wear your eyeglasses for sports or generally have an active lifestyle.


When it comes to your everyday pair of glasses, you won't regret choosing a high index lens, or a 1.67. This is the thinnest, most lightweight lens material—high prescription and all.


The final two options are also 1.67 lenses, Maui High Contrast and Maui Blue Light Protect. Maui High Contrast enhances color and contrast in order to make life easier when you're reading fine print, for instance, or driving at night.

Although we love a good social media scroll or Netflix binge, the constant exposure to harmful blue light reaches far beyond gamers and office jobs. We're all in the same boat, and Maui Jim has a solution for us. Their Maui Blue Light Protect lenses do just that—protect our eyes from headache-inducing digital strain and fatigue.

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