Don’t let a dark environment keep you down! Your eyewear needs to keep up with you no matter what, and that means getting the right lens color for cloudy and low-light conditions. Whether that’s an overcast day, nighttime, or indoors, your eyewear still needs to give you clear visibility and an enjoyable experience. Join us as we highlight the best lens colors for cloudy and low-light days!

Table of Contents

A. Video Review
B. Best Lens Colors for Cloudy and Low-Light Days
1. Light Tint Options
2. Specialty Polarized Lenses
3. Blue Light Blocking
C. Prescription Sunglasses at SportRx

Video Review

Join Eyeglass Tyler as he discusses lens colors that are ideal for low-light environments.

Best Lens Colors for Cloudy and Low-Light Days

There are plenty of options and things to consider when it comes to lens colors for cloudy and low-light days. There are tints, as well as polarized and blue light blocking lenses. Continue reading for our recommendations for an optimal visual experience!

Light Tint Options

There are a few lens tints that do better in low-light conditions than others. Lighter colors, such as yellow, vermilion, amber, and light rose copper, brighten up your vision and make it easier to see on those darker days. At, you have the option to customize your lenses by choosing varying degrees of tints and densities.

Specialty Polarized Lenses

We don’t normally recommend polarization for cloudy or low-light conditions, but if you love polarized eyewear, we do have some options for you!

Maui Jim HT™

Maui Jim High Transmission™ lenses let 26% of light through. This allows more light to reach your eye than normal polarized lenses and can increase color, contrast, and depth perception. Maui HT™ lenses feature a mirror setting that mimics eye squinting, which helps with glare protection.

Maui Jim Breakwall Golf Sunglasses

Maui Jim Breakwall in Smoke Grey & Maui HT

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Costa Sunrise Silver Mirror

The brand’s Sunrise Silver Mirror lens allows 30% of light through and provides heightened contrast. Ideal for fishing, Sunrise Silver Mirror lenses ensure increased clarity and protect against scratches.

costa sunrise silver mirror lenses in costa diego black sunglasses

Costa Diego in Matte Black with Sunrise Silver Mirror 580G Lenses

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Kaenon offers multiple options for polarized lenses. The G28 grey base and C28 copper base both let in 28% of light. The Y35 yellow base lets in 35% while the C50 copper base lets in 50%.

Kaenon Burnet Sunglasses

Kaenon Burnet in Matte Tortoise & Copper 50- Polarized Lens

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Blue Light Blocking

Blue light is known to be harmful and can cause long-term damage to the eyes. Glasses with amber and yellow tints absorb more harmful HEV blue light than other tints. Transition lenses also block blue light and are another great option for cloudy and low light days.

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