Have you ever walked down the fishing aisle at a big sporting goods store and been overwhelmed? There are hundreds of different hooks, shapes, sizes, bends, etc. making it confusing for someone who just got into fishing. That is why Costa Fishing Pro, Todd Woods, is here to teach Sunglass Rob about his top 5 best hooks for bass fishing. Check out the video and information below to learn about Todd's 5 best hooks for bass fishing.

Ned Rig

The Ned Rig hook has taken the bass fishing world by storm. This hook is perfect for tough fishing conditions or high-pressured waters. Many fishermen like the Ned rig because it is low profile, has subtle action, and mimics a variety of bass food sources. It essentially is a small piece of plastic stick bait threaded into a jig head hook.

Drop Shot Hook

A drop shot rig consists of some line tied to a hook with a trailer leader that has a weight at the end of it. The weight is at the bottom to allow the hook and bait to stay above it. The drop shot can be used with a variety of different hooks and weight, which is why it’s one of the most popular hooks in bass fishing.

Texas Rigging Hook

A Texas Rig consists of a bullet-shaped sinker, soft plastic lure, hook, and a pegging device. This hook is great for when you are fishing in an area with lots of weeds and don’t want the hook to get tangled up.

Extra Wide Gap Hook

Extra Wide gap hooks, aka EWG, are a perfect match up with bulkier plastic baits. They are a perfect match up due to the aggressive, long bend the hook has. This extra space between the hook point and shank makes it easier for deeper hook penetration.

Weighted Swim Bait Hook

As Todd explains, the unique thing about the weighted swim hook is the spring at the bottom of the hook. Once you put the hook through the worm, the spring allows the hook to screw on the worm with no chance of it falling off.

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