When you want to lose weight or be healthier, what do you do usually? If you don’t have exercises or activities you do regularly yet, here is what you should do, Hiking. Hiking has amazing benefits making your body healthier, and it's not tough because you can talk with people and enjoy breathtaking sceneries while hiking. In other words, walking trails comfortably effects your body in a good way. Learn more about how hiking effect on your body.

benefits of hiking

Hiking Helps You Lose Weight

It’s really difficult to lose weight without doing exercises, but I know you don’t want to do strict one such as running, biking, and working out at gym. Unlike these activities, hiking is easy for you to do regularly because you won’t be confined to a gym, and you can go wherever you want to go, even to oversees as a part of your travel. On top of it, there are several factors to help you continue hiking like making hiking friends and talking with them, planning next hiking with them, all of which motivate you to go hiking again.

How effective does hiking help you lose weight? The answer is surprisingly effective. If you weigh an average of 160lbs, and you go for a 3-hour hike, you can potentially burn upwards of 1200 calories – more than half of the recommended daily intake for an adult. If you do this twice a week, you will effectively burn off 1.5 days’ worth of calories!

Hiking Helps You Get Skinny Legs

Did you know that hiking helps you get lean legs? isn’t it surprising? If you want lean legs, hiking is the best exercise. When you do cardio at a low to moderate intensity, your body burns stored glycogen (carbs) first, and then fats. However, the longer you exercise, the more your body will burn fat. So if you want to get lean legs, you’ve got to walk for like 1hour or even more. This fact makes it tough to do some activities regularly. But Hiking is different. You can enjoy scenery and talking with people while hiking, and won’t feel it was tough even after finishing 3 hours hike.

Hiking Helps You Strengthen Back

People who have back pain may be afraid of doing aerobic activities even though it is important for our health. Hiking, however, is an activity which doesn’t give your back as much pressure, and helps your back core stronger. Hiking can strengthen muscles in the feet, legs, hips, and torso which increase the stability of the spine that keeps your body in the upright position. It leads to the result that your back core will straight up and your body will be balanced.