A catcher is arguably the most important player in baseball yet they receive the least recognition. A difficult position that requires many important different skills, a catcher has many unspoken responsibilities. We have compiled a list of five simple ways to become a better catcher. These simple catching tips will improve your baseball skills and help you enjoy the sport more.

Be a Leader

Leadership might be the most important thing about being a pitcher. A catcher can serve as an on-field/in-game pitching coach. A catcher has to make everyone around them look good. They can do this by maintaining a good team dynamic and making sure teammates are doing their part. Catchers must know how to calm a pitcher if they are upset about a certain call. Catchers have the best view of the entire field so they are in the best position to lead.

Be Knowledgeable of the Game.

Catcher's are essentially the defensive coordinator of the team during a game. Therefore, it is very important to know the responsibilities of the other players on the field. Educate yourself on your team’s strengths and weaknesses. Because the catcher is such an important leader on a baseball team, they must be knowledgeable on not just their position but every other position on the field.

Awareness of the Game

A catcher must know what is going on in the outfield. The game is always changing. With the best seat in the house, the catcher must be aware of these changes and communicate these changes. They must know the lineup of the other team, and be aware of the other team's strengths and weaknesses.


The catcher must anticipate what will happen in the game, be one move ahead of the game. If a ball is thrown, slightly off line, the catcher must anticipate what happens next and be ready for any when runners are on base.

Pay attention to the details

Watch high level baseball, pay attention to what they do. Be a student of the game. Watch high level baseball, ask questions. There is always more to learn. Absorb as much information as you can.