If you are new to the fishing world then one of the first questions you'll ask yourself is baitcaster vs spinning reel: which one is right for me? Sunglass Rob is starting to fish more and more every weekend but isn't sure which reel is best for him. Luckily Costa Bass Fishing Pro, Todd Woods, is here to breakdown the differences between a baitcaster vs spinning reel. Check out the video and information below to learn more about a baitcaster vs spinning reel.

Baitcaster vs Spinning Reel: Differences

The question many fishermen ask is which type of reel should I use Baitcaster or Spinning? Line size plays a key role in the reel you decide to use. As Todd explains, baitcaster reels can take on heavier line and you can cast farther with it compared to a spinning reel with the same features. Most bass fisherman will tend to use heavier lines in the 14-17 pound test range making the baitcaster a better option. Small spinning reels have a more narrow spool making it harder to handle larger lines.

Spinning reels are particularly used when using lighter baits, like live bait and soft plastics, because your cast is only limited by how far you want to throw it. The spool on a spinning reel allows for more flow with almost no drag restriction, allowing the small lure to fly farther.

Baitcaster rods have more backbone to them than spinning rods do. The backbone is the part of the blank closets to the handle that gives the least amount of bent on the rod. This backbone allows for the lure to be pulled and yanked through various elements in the water more easily. It also ensures the hook provides a more powerful hook compared to a spinning rod in the same class.

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