If you’ve taken to the snow, you know that a good pair of goggles will make your snowboarding or skiing experience even better. With Anon goggles, there are a couple lens technologies to choose from: PERCEIVE and SONAR. Join us as we break down Anon PERCEIVE vs. SONAR Snow Goggle Lenses!

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A. Video Review
D. Anon PERCEIVE Vs. SONAR Snow Goggle Lenses
E. Prescription Anon Snow Goggle Insert
F. Prescription Snow Goggles at SportRx

Video Review

Join Eyeglass Tyler (well, in this case, Snow Goggle Tyler) discusses the brand's two lens technologies and his thoughts on Anon PERCEIVE vs. SONAR.


PERCEIVE is Anon’s newest and exclusive goggle lens technology that boosts and separates color, resulting in high-definition optics and maximum contrast. These enhanced features also reduce eye fatigue. A hydrophobic coating allows water to easily roll off the lens, while an oleophobic coating minimizes smudges by repelling oils, dust, and dirt. An anti-fog lens coating reduces the build-up of moisture, which provides crystal clear visibility. PERCEIVE blocks harmful blue light while also fine-tuning reds and yellows. You’ll be able to read the terrain easier thanks to increased depth perception and enjoy a safe ride.

There are three categories of PERCEIVE lens tech and additional colors for each one:

PERCEIVE Sunny has the darkest tints and is best for brighter days.

  • Onyx – 6% Visible Light Transmission
  • Red – 14% Visible Light Transmission
  • Bronze – 17% Visible Light Transmission

PERCEIVE Variable is versatile and works in most weather conditions.

  • Blue – 21% Visible Light Transmission
  • Green – 22% Visible Light Transmission
  • Violet – 34% Visible Light Transmission

PERCEIVE Cloudy works best on whiteout days, when the clouds and snow blend together.

  • Burst – 53% Visible Light Transmission
  • Pink – 59% Visible Light Transmission
  • Night – 72% Visible Light Transmission

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SONAR is Anon’s older lens technology and is a Zeiss lens that PERCEIVE has replaced. Still a decent lens and great for a day on the mountain, SONAR provides clarity and contrast, key for snowboarding and skiing.


When it comes to Anon PERCEIVE vs. SONAR, PERCEIVE is a top-tier lens and one that Anon worked extremely hard on. That hard work paid off as the lenses provide better optimal contrast, boosted colors, and high definition. Like Tyler explained, Anon decided to move away from a Zeiss lens and wanted to create their own proprietary lens tint tech. PERCEIVE lives up to the hype, and will give you a safe and enjoyable ride.

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