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oakley shooting glasses, oakley prescription shooting

Oakley Shooting Glasses & Oakley Prescription Shooting Glasses

Oakley glasses and sunglasses are designed with performance-driven functionality at the forefront. Oakley shooting glasses take that a step further. These frames surpass expectations in the world of ballistic protection. Shop the SportRx collection of Oakley Shooting glasses for the highest quality shooting glasses and prescription shooting glasses out there.

What to Look for in Oakley Shooting Glasses

Oakley High Definition Optics® includes proprietary technologies that surpass levels of optical clarity, visual fidelity and impact resistance standards. Your Oakley shooting glasses are sure to withstand any shooting range excursion or shooting competition you attend when you order yours from SportRx.

Buy Oakley Prescription Shooting Glasses Online

In the market for a pair of Oakley prescription shooting glasses? You're in the right spot. Our expert opticians have mastered the art of prescription eyewear and we'd be more than happy to apply that expertise to your new Oakley shooting glasses. Questions about prescription shooting glasses? We've got answers. Give our friendly opticians a call, 7 days a week. We can't wait to get started in your new Oakley prescription shooting glasses.

Are All Oakley Glasses Ballistic?

Not every pair of Oakley sunglasses is ballistic rated. But that doesn't mean they won't function well for shooting. Most all Oakley sunglasses meet or exceed ANSI standards which make them plenty tough to bring to the range. But if ballistic is what you are after we have the Oakley Shocktube for that.

Use Your FSA & HSA Accounts for Oakley Prescription Shooting Sunglasses

We have some good news for you! Prescription Oakley sunglasses qualify as FSA eligible expenses and HSA eligible expenses. Questions about spending your FSA dollars on prescription eyewear? Visit our blog on FSA & HSA spending or give our friendly opticians a call! We'll gladly explain the process of using your flex spending accounts on your favorite pair of Oakley prescription eyewear!

SportRx Worry-Free Shipping & Easy Returns

We're positive you'll love your Oakley shooting glasses or prescription shooting glasses, but on the off chance that you don't, we've got your back. The See Better Guarantee gives you the freedom to send back anything you buy from us, and receive credit toward your next pair of glasses or a full refund in return. Oh, and all shipping fees are on us!p>

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  1. Oakley Mainlink
    4 Colors
    Oakley Shocktube SI Ballistic
  2. Oakley SI Speed Jacket
    2 Colors
    Oakley SI Speed Jacket
  3. Oakley Industrial Tombstone Spoil ANSI
    2 Colors
    Oakley Industrial Tombstone Spoil ANSI
  4. Oakley Industrial M Frame 2.0 ANSI
    2 Colors
    Oakley Industrial M Frame 2.0 ANSI
  5. Rexy Award
    Oakley Industrial Det Cord ANSI
    6 Colors
    Oakley Industrial Det Cord ANSI
  6. Rexy Award
    Oakley Flak 2.0 XL
    20 Colors
    Oakley Flak 2.0 XL
  7. Rexy Award
    Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL
    6 Colors
    Oakley Half Jacket 2.0 XL
  8. Rexy Award
    Oakley Radar EV Path
    12 Colors
    Oakley Radar EV Path
  9. Oakley Flak Beta (Asian Fit)
    3 Colors
    Oakley Flak Beta (Asian Fit)