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Oakley Military Sunglasses & Oakley Prescription Military Sunglasses

At Oakley, performance is key. The emphasis on performance is what makes Oakley military sunglasses the standard for tactical eyewear. Oakley developed their tactical line of high performance military sunglasses to be able to withstand anything you can throw at them, literally. READ MORE

With military grade certifications, these sunglasses are ready to protect you from both the sun and anything else threatening your eyes. Oakley military sunglasses also utilize Oakley’s patented Unobtanium® material that increases grip the more you perspire, making sure that your new pair of Oakley military sunglasses stay on even in the harshest conditions.

Buy Oakley Prescription Military Sunglasses Online

Military sunglasses offer clear vision and protection. And with the power of your prescription, you can see beyond what was humanly possible. Need to speak with an expert? contact us and you’ll be put in touch with an in-house optician.

Adding your prescription online is easy, too. Upload a file, fax, or email your up-to-date prescription at checkout and we’ll take care of the rest. Don’t have your prescription right now? Send it later. We’ll email a reminder, so you can get your prescription sunglasses as soon as possible.

Use Your FSA & HSA Accounts for Oakley Prescription Military Glasses

We have some good news for you! Prescription Oakley sunglasses qualify as FSA eligible expenses and HSA eligible expenses. Questions about spending your FSA dollars on prescription eyewear? Visit our blog on FSA & HSA spending or give our friendly opticians a call! We'll gladly explain the process of using your flex spending accounts on your favorite pair of Oakley prescription eyewear!

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