In the fishing world, one of your first decisions is the type of reel you want and the most popular one is the Spinning Reel. The question is why is this reel so popular? Sunglass Rob recently just got into fishing but wants to learn more about what a spinning reel is before buying one. Costa Bass Fishing Pro, Todd Woods, is here to teach Rob about what makes the spinning reel a popular choice and the features it holds. Check out the video and information below to learn more about the spinning reel.

Spinning Reel Features

To start off Spinning reels have an open face design. This design makes it easier for new fishermen to learn how to cast properly and operate. Typically, a spinning reel is mounted below the rod which requires less wrist strength to keep the reel in place. To cast a spinning reel, you will flip the bail then put your finger on the line and use it as a lock. From there you will cast the reel and close the bail. Once the bail is closed you will then simply turn the handle and start reeling the line back in.

Spinning Reel’s are typically best for casting small baits, but you can use larger versions of spinning reels for offshore fishing in the ocean. Todd recommends using soft plastics and live baits for your inshore fishing excursions. A spinning reel also has great line capacity and versatility because you can buy a spinning reel with an extra spool. This makes it much easier to switch out lines while you are on the water. Todd also recommends using a light line that is good from 2-12-pound testers.

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