Whether you're knocking it out of the park or stealing third, you've got to have a great pair of sunglasses to enhance your view of the field. Under Armour packs their shades with performance features so you won't miss a second! The sport-inspired frame and lens technologies cater specifically to athletes. So grab your glove and join us as we cover what to look for in Under Armour baseball sunglasses.

What to Look for in Under Armour Baseball Sunglasses

1. Frame Technology
1.1. Coverage
1.2. Frame Materials
1.3. Fit
2. Lens Technology
2.1. Polarization
2.2. Lens Materials
2.3. Color Enhancement
3. Featured Under Armour Baseball Sunglasses

What to Look for in Under Armour Baseball Sunglasses

Frame Technology

Coverage: Since baseball is played in the great outdoors, you need plenty of sun protection. You want a wrapped frame to hug your face and give you plenty of coverage for the sides of your eyes. And Under Armour's sport frames do just that by having a high wrap.

Frame Materials: Baseball sunglasses need to be able to keep their shape when they're exposed to the elements. Under Armour uses an incredibly lightweight, durable, and flexible plastic called Grilamid to construct their frames. Even when temperatures rise, Grilamid won't bend, melt, or stretch.

Fit: Comfort is key when you're competing for the win. You want to achieve a fit that's snug enough to stay put, but not so tight that it becomes painful. From soft, rubber grips on the nose pad and temples to an anti-bounce bridge, Under Armour equips their sport frames with all types of features to help you last through those extra innings. And for an individualized fit, their nose pad and temples are adjustable to mold to your face shape and relieve pressure behind your ears.

Lens Technology

Polarization: Since a polarized filter affects your depth perception we don't usually recommend a polarized lens for baseball sunglasses, and Under Armour leaves it out of their sport frames, too. Instead, they incorporate a Multiflection mirror coating to guard against intense sunlight and block 100% of harmful UV rays.

Lens Materials: There are many opportunities for a collision throughout a baseball game, so you need lenses that are impact-resistant and shatterproof. Under Armour uses a polycarbonate lens material that is 10x stronger than your standard polycarbonate, while maintaining clear, edge-to-edge peripheral vision.

Color Enhancement: It's easy to miss important details while you're out on the vast field, and that's why you should have tinted lenses to boost color and contrast. A tinted lens alerts you to slight changes in the terrain, which comes in handy when a ground ball is headed your way. Color enhancement also helps you spot and track the ball better than you normally would. So when you're shopping for your next pair of Under Armour baseball sunglasses, ditch the polarized lens and grab a tinted one instead.

Featured Under Armour Baseball Sunglasses

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Under Armour Igniter 2.0

Under Armour Igniter 2.0 prescription baseball glasses

Under Armour Igniter 2.0 in Shiny White/Blue & Grey w/Blue Multiflection Lenses

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From the full-coverage wrapped frame to the super strong and lightweight Grilamid, the Under Armour Igniter 2.0 is a top-performing sport sunglass. The soft, rubber Three-Point Grip on the adjustable nose pads and temples keeps them secure and comfortable and the sleek design keeps you batting in style.

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