Track workouts are great for building speed and gaging distance. The surface is much kinder your body because its made of synthetic rubber-like material. This makes running a bit sifter and springier than the road or a sidewalk. So if you're looking to up your running game, hit the track and check out these track workouts for beginners.

Different Variations

In & Out Workouts

This is the simplest, yet equally as tough workout for the track there is. In refers to sprinting the straightaways and Out is recovering on the curve of the track. After a couple laps at an easy pace to warm up, start on the line that stretches the straight and push the pace on the straight section. Push as far as you can because you'll be sing the curve as your recovery. Both the straight and curves are 100 yards, so you should be pushing all out on the straight because you'll have a full recovery period on the curves.

Complete this repetition for 4 laps to begin. This equates to one mile. If you feel you can go more, run on. Always complete at least one cool down lap at a light jog pace.

Ladder Workouts

This workout is great for building speed and dropping times. It gradually increases your heart rate to a max push and then begins to decrease essentially as a strong recovery. Doing the Push portions, you should be running at a 5k pace. For most this is a fast paced run but not a full sprint. You should feel out of the breathe at the end but not dying.

  1. Warm Up: 5 minutes at a walk/slow jog
  2. Push: 400 meters (1 lap) 5k pace
  3. Rest: 400 meters walk or light jog
  4. Push: 800 meters (2 laps)
  5. Rest: 400 meters
  6. Push: 1,200 meters (3 laps)
  7. Rest: 400 meters
  8. Push: 1,600 meters (4 laps)
  9. Rest: 400 meters
  10. Cool Down: 5 minutes at an easy pace

Mile Repeats

If sprinting the straightaways just aren't your forte, give mile repeats a try. These workouts are just as tough but in a different way. Mile repeats are still at a fast pace but they have a longer stride than sprinting 100 yards. These workouts are great to improve race times and overall performance. 10k pace is a bit slower than 5k but still a strong push. With each recovery period, make sure your heart race has recovered before you start the next repeat.

Warmup: 5 Minutes

Run: 2-mile repeats at 10k pace

Recover: .5 mile (2 laps)

Run: 1 mile at same pace but shooting for 10 to 15 sends faster

Beginners should complete this 2-3 times, intermediate 4-5, advanced 6.

Running the Track

These are just a few variations you can do on the track. The oval is your playin field and truly you can make a workout as difficult or easy as you like. There are an endless amount of possibilities when you hit the track, but hopefully you can gauge with these track workouts for beginner to get your feet flying. Push the pace, push through the pain and you'll beat the runner you were before you stepped on the track. Give them a try and dont be scared to become faster, because you sure will.