Do you deal with color blindness? Are you wondering if the glasses you see on the internet that help you see color really work? Well, guess what, you've come to the right place! Read on and tune in below to get the SportRx truth on the matter.

Table of Contents

1. What Do People with Color Blindness See?
2. EnChroma Color Blind Glasses
3. How Do Color Blind Glasses Work?
4. Do EnChroma Glasses Really Work?

Eyeglass Tyler is here to welcome you into his home and share with you more about color blindness and the infamous EnChroma glasses that may help you see color as the rest do.

What Do People with Color Blindness See?

So let's begin art by clarifying it as color deficiency rather than blindness. The term color blindness tends to refer people to the idea that you can't see any colors at all, which is not true. People who are color blind have a deficiency in the red and green receptors. Whereas someone who doesn’t can see all the color receptors; red, green, blue. The way color vision works is like this: you have cones in your eyes that detect that color triangle. These 3 colors make up the whole spectrum of colors in the rainbow. So most people with color blindness lack the sight of red and green colors; this is called deuteranomaly.

This visual above shows how those who have deuteranomaly see colors. There are 3 types of color deficiencies:

  • Deuteranomaly
  • Protanopia
  • Tritanopia

Below is a visual differentiating the many kinds of color blindness and how they see the world around them.

EnChroma Color Blind Glasses

So how do these color-blind correctness glasses really work? Well, after much research, we found that EnChroma glasses are the biggest brand out there that deals with these kinds of glasses. These EnChroma lenses use a material that makes it easier to differentiate between the wavelengths of light and makes colors more saturated. This saturation makes it easier for the eye to see colors in a more vibrant way.

Fun fact, this type of lens was actually created for doctors to wear during laser surgery procedures, and through some happy accident, they discovered it was helpful for those with color deficiencies.

How Do Color Blind Glasses Work?

Now, the million-dollar question, do EnChroma glasses really work? Well truthfully, we don't know for certain. Eyeglass Tyler mentions in the video that, as a colorblind person, he has tried them on personally and he didn't notice a big difference in the colors presented on a poster in front of him. It needs to be said that since you need to have some color perception in order for that color to be boosted, and EnChroma does not work with complete color deficiency. If you have this, it isn't going to be any better with EnChroma glasses.

These glasses work best with mild or moderate color blindness. For instance, the deuteranomaly type we mentioned earlier. Everyone is different and everyone's sight is unique, so it's not to say it won't work for you at all, but give them a try and see if the world around you does boost in color!

As Tyler mentions, it is important to talk to your doctor to determine your specific type of color deficiency to ensure you're not just throwing your money at a pair of glasses that won't work for you.

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