SportRx Nerf Wars

It all started when SportRx president, Dan, received two little Nerf guns as a gag gift from his sister-in-law. He made the mistake of bringing them to work one day. Since then, it has been an arms race. There are over a dozen Nerf guns in this building and over a thousand rounds of amo. At any random moment, a Nerf war will bust out of nowhere. Customers have gotten involved, reps from our vendors have walked into the office armed, and employees have donned battle armor at their desks. Our neighbors across the way have challenged us to a Nerf battle. I don’t think they know what they’re getting themselves into.

Prescription Dragon Fame Sunglasses Nerf

Rockin' Dragon Fame Sunglasses. Yup.

We have two rules:

1. No battery-operated weaponry. (Although we do have a Nerf machine gun stowed away for kicks.)

2. Safety eyewear is a must. I rock classic Oakley M Frames with clear shields. (However, I happened to be wearing the new Dragon Fame with rose gold lenses when the last war broke out.) Some go as far as wearing snow goggles!

So the next time you’re in the neighborhood, make sure you have your Nerf gun handy, and of course, your safety eyewear.