The Iditarod, long considered one of the toughest races and endurance challenges, coined “The last Great Race on Earth,” is no match for this year’s winner Mitch Seavey, who at 53 years old, became the oldest champion in the race’s history. Increasing the inspiration factor, Mitch needs a correction and uses sunglasses and goggles enhanced with prescription lenses by SportRx to protect his eyes during races and to ensure he is able to see his path and every obstacle with precision to guide his sled and dogs to victory. This is the second Iditarod win for Seavey (he won in 2004), who comes from a family steeped in Iditarod tradition. Seavey's father, Dan Seavey, competed in the Iditarod in 1973, and last year his son, Dallas Seavey, became the youngest winner of the race at 25 years old! Mitch covered the grueling race with his team of dogs in nine days, seven hours, 39 minutes and 56 seconds.