SportRx 19th Birthday Celebration

It's Our Birthdaaaayyy!!!

Mimosas or screwdrivers? Why not both? It's Tuesday and we're sippin' on "orange juice," scarfing breakfast burritos, and rockin' Otis sunglasses...indoors. It's also our 19th birthday. So why the heck not?

SportRx Birthday Gift of Otis Sunglasses

Birthday Gift of Otis Sunglasses

As a birthday gift to the crew, each SportRx-er got to pick out a fresh new pair of Otis sunglasses. Here’s what the eyewear fanatics in the building chose from the Otis Collection:

Otis Mona Sunglasses Online, Otis Mona Prescription Sunglasses, Sarah

Sarah hangin' with her bestie Mona

SarahSports Optician & Hula Extraordinaire

"My pick was the Mona: She’s a lovely gal with a super-fun cat-eye shape that works well with my not-so-prominent nose bridge (thanks, Dad!)… I’m going with Matte Black - a personal favorite in all frames - with Otis’s awesome Cool Grey mineral glass lenses."

Otis Mona Prescription Sunglasses Online

Otis Mona

Z GirlWeb Ninja wit' a Gangsta Lean

“I picked the Otis Modern Theory because it’s a solid frame (thanks to that beautiful Italian acetate) with some dope ass glass lenses. ‘Nuff said.”

Otis Modern Theory Prescription Sunglasses Online

Otis Modern Theory

Otis Young Blood Sunglasses Online, Otis Young Blood Prescription Sunglasses, Rob Tavakoli

Rob cheezin' with the Young Blood

RobVice President & Supporter of Caffeinated Beverages

"I chose the Young Blood for two reasons: First, I love the name! Second, the Young Blood is one of the largest frames Otis makes and I have a big head. I also love the sleek design and the fact that the style is very fashionable. I have lots of glasses but many of them are too sporty for when I actually have to wear a collared shirt. I went with black and am excited to have a set of glass lenses that are super durable and I don’t have to worry about scratching."

SportRx Birthday Cake Logo

StephanieAlligator-Shoe-Wearing Marketing Team & Carbohydrate Enthusiast

"I chose the Otis Skinny Dip because...well, for 1) it’s called the Skinny Dip, and 2) it’s huuuuuuge. I. LOVE. BIG. GLASSES. I don’t usually rock the cat eye but dag nabbit I am now! I feel super Hollywood wearing these oversized fashion frames, and the black-to-tortoise gradient styling really sets off the whole look."

Otis Skinny Dip Prescription Sunglasses Online

Otis Skinny Dip

Otis Last Night Sunglasses Online, Otis Last Night Prescription Sunglasses, Carlos Maldonado

Jalepeno recovering from the atrocities of Last Night

Carlos a.k.a. Jalapeño Chief Financial Officer & Surprisingly Good Frank Sinatra Impersonator

"Let me tell you about Last Night…ha! This frame puts a smile on my face just like remembering a great Last Night story. You know what I’m talkin' about...I know you do. I didn’t choose the frame Last Night – Last Night chose me. The Woodland Matte finish frame is versatile enough to class up a workday or put a laid-back SoCal vibe into your weekend. It also has an extremely comfortable fit, feel, and weight on my nose and ears. I was pretty stoked to get a pair of Otis sunnies because now, I finally have some clean glass in my sunglasses. So how was your Last Night?"

Otis Last Night Prescription Sunglasses Online

Otis Last Night

Otis Missing Pieces Sunglasses Online, Otis Missing Pieces Prescription Sunglasses, Anna

Pons Solo with no Missing Pieces cuz she's got it goin' on

Anna a.k.a. Pons SoloSports Optician & Lobbyist for Office Pets

"I picked Otis Missing Pieces sunglasses in Coffee Tortoise. I really like this Otis frame because it seems like a casual staple yet it shows off a classic elegance so you can really dress it up when the time comes. Missing Pieces is a medium-sized frame with rich tortoise color throughout. The craftsmanship and quality of these Otis sunglasses remind me that this amazing birthday gift is something to treasure. I can’t wait for summer to get here! (Although, we do live in sunny San Diego, so…)"

Otis Missing Pieces Prescription Sunglasses Online

Otis Missing Pieces

SportRx Crew 19th Birthday Celebration

Otis Heatwave Sunglasses Online, Otis Heatwave Prescription Sunglasses, Erica

Erica preppin' for a Heatwave cuz the roof is on fire

EricaSportRx Super Marketeer / Mathematician in Another Lifetime

"Since I found out SportRx was going to carry Otis sunglasses, I have been itching to get a pair of shades. I love how sturdy and durable Otis frames feel. They feel indestructible. I had a hard time deciding between the Heatwave and the Mona, but in the end, the Heatwave won my heart in that velvet wood black color. I also must have polled everyone in the office which ones I should pick. I don't usually like how a cat-eye design looks on my face, but Otis did something to it that adds a twist to the traditional feminine cat-eye design."

Otis Heatwave Prescription Sunglasses Online

Otis Heatwave

Otis The Beat Sunglasses Online, Otis The Beat Prescription Sunglasses, Tim Darnell

Tim rockin' The Beat with a wink 'n' a smile

Tim a.k.a. Timbo SLICESports Optician & Curly-Haired Wonder

"I chose The Beat because I be rockin' it."

Otis The Beat Prescription Sunglasses Online

Otis The Beat

Otis Louie Sunglasses Online, Otis Louie Prescription Sunglasses, Frankie

Frankie chillin' with the homie Louie

Frankie a.k.a. SAUCESports Optician & Master of Sports Book Strategy

"I chose the Otis Louie because SAUCE! Hallelujah...Hallelujah..."

SportRx 19th Birthday Party

Otis Skinny Dip Sunglasses Online, Otis Skinny Dip Prescription Sunglasses, Nicole

Nicole keepin' it classy 'n' sassy with the Skinny Dip

NicoleSportRx Super Marketeer & O.C. O.G.

"I chose the Otis Skinny Dip because I love that cat-eye flair and that style fits my face well. I'm super excited about the half-black half-tortoise frame because it's unique and fun but still pretty simple. I was so excited about getting a pair of Otis frames, especially the Skinny Dip because I've had my eye on this frame since I've been working at SportRx. Love those mineral glasses lenses, too!"


SportRx Crew Birthday Party Rocikin' Otis Sunglasses

SportRx Birthday Crew

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