When you're planning your next ski or snowboard trip, we are here to help you choose the best helmet for your new adventures! The team at SportRx spent some time in Mount Hood Oregon, to review some new Smith snow gear just for you crazy powder lovers! Smith helmets and goggles offer an amazing level of quality that's known for its performance. Check out our video below and see what Sunglass Rob and Graham Sours had to say about the all new Smith Allure Helmet.

The Smith Allure Helmet is designed especially for women who love shredding and have no limits on the mountainside! The Smith Allure Helmet is certified as the world's lightest snow helmet on the market thanks to its lightweight in-mold construction. This sleek and beautifully designed women's lifestyle snow helmet features comfortable plush fleece lining for added warmth and protection. The Smith Allure Helmet also has removable Snapfit SL2 ear-pads and goggle clips. This is a great option and awesome news for the users who prefer to wear their helmet over their goggles or beanies. The Allure Helmet has 9 airbag ports which creates airflow through the goggles. The increased airflow will allow the rider to feel more confidence and freedom as this feature gives you the ultimate fog-free vision. Now you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings without worrying about fog buildups and decreased visibility! When you want options, plenty of style and amazing functionality, look no further ladies! The Smith Allure is what you've been looking for in a snow helmet...

Smith Allure Helmet Black available at SportRx Online

Smith Allure in Black Pearl

Allure Helmet Features

    • Lightweight in-mold construction
    • Airflow climate control
    • 9 vents
    • *MIPS system available in select colors
    • Self-adjusting lifestyle fit system
    • Snapfit SL2 earpads
    • AirEvac 2 ventilation
    • Removable goggle lock
    • Outdoor Tech™ audio systems available

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Prescription Smith Snow Goggles

Thanks to Smith's ultimate integration design concept, virtually every Smith helmet offers compatibility with their Smith Snow Goggles line. You'll never have to worry about whether you've got that proper fit or the dreaded goggle "gaper gap" that ruins ski trips. Make sure you can see clearly in your goggles before you are up in the mountains! If you need goggles with prescriptions, SportRx can handle any needs you might have and we are determined to provide you with the perfect vision. For prescription goggle inserts, go to to our website to learn more at SportRx, or contact us directly to talk to one of our expert opticians. Together we will begin our search to find you the perfect fit for that full winter gear integration you demand!