Growing up it's easy to figure out how you will do certain activities. For example, if you are right hand dominant you typically will throw and write with that hand. This is not the same for fishing as you have to use one hand to reel in the fish and the other to hold the rod. It makes you ask the question, "Do I need a right or left-handed fishing reel?" Stick with us to find out!

Right or Left-Handed Fishing Reel

1. Right-Handed Fishing Reel
2. Left-Handed Fishing Reel
3. Do I Buy a Right or Left-Handed Fishing Reel?
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Check out our video with professional Costa Pro bass fishing angler, Todd "Big Daddy" Woods, and Sunglass Rob to learn if you fish with your right or left hand.

Right-Handed Fishing Reel

A right-hand fishing reel will have the handle on the right-hand side. This can be problematic for right-handed fisherman. After a cast is made they will have to switch the rod to the left hand in order to crank with the right hand. Since Todd has been doing this for over 30 years, the switching hands process has become quick and easy. However, as a beginning fisherman, if you are right hand dominant it makes more sense to use a left-handed rod. That way when you cast with the right hand you don't have to switch over the rod and it is a more natural feeling.

Left-Handed Fishing Reel

This process is the same for fishermen who are left hand dominant. Left-handed fishermen would look for a right-handed reel because they can cast with the dominant hand without having to switch over the rod.

Do I Buy a Right or Left-Handed Fishing Reel?

If you are someone like Todd who has been fishing their whole life, then switching over to a left-handed reel does not make sense. The process of taking the rod and switching it to the non-dominant hand becomes second nature. Also, left-handed reels recently joined the market and were unheard of 50 years ago. However, as Todd explains if he could go back to when he first learned how to fish, he would choose a left-handed fishing reel.

There are a couple of reasons why it logically makes more sense. Contact with the lure is never lost and if a fish bites as soon as the bait hits the water then there is no delay in setting the hook. If a fish bites as you are switching rods to the other hand, then you can't hook the fish immediately. If you don't hook the fish then you won't be able to reel it in. Essentially, buy a rod and reel that is opposite of your dominant hand.

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