Kids' eyes are especially prone to eye injuries when playing sports. Fortunately, many of these injuries can be prevented by simply using proper eyewear. This is where Liberty Sport comes in. Liberty has been an industry leader in protective sports eyewear since 1929. They created Rec Specs to have durable frames and lenses to help enhance performance for all sports. Rec Specs has gone above and beyond to create the Dude 46 youth sports goggles. Keep reading to learn more about the features of these awesome glasses!

Rec Specs Dude 46 Features

The Rec Specs Dude 46 goggles will protect your children's eyes while playing the sports they love. Depending on the type of sport, various lens tints are available to provide the best clarity possible. These goggles are also ASTM F803 certified. This means that the goggles have undergone extensive impact testing, ensuring they are safe to wear for several sports. The Dude goggles even fit while your kids are wearing helmets. In addition, the Rec Specs Dude 46 goggles come with an adjustable strap, which will fit through all your child's' growth spurts. These nearly indestructible goggles are a must buy for your active kids.

Rec Specs Dude 46

Rec Specs Dude 46

Rec Specs Dude 46 in Blue with Clear Silver Flash Lenses

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Frame Dimensions

  • Lens Width: 46mm
  • Lens Height: 33mm
  • Distance Between Lenses (DBL): 16mm

Prescription Rec Specs Dude 46 at SportRx

Are you wondering if you can put your kids' prescription in their sports goggles? The answer is yes. In fact, SportRx specializes in prescription sports eyewear for just about any sport. Contact Us to speak to one of our friendly in-house opticians. They are happy to answer any questions you may have and can also help you complete your order. Protect your kids' eyes with the Dude youth sports goggles.