Generally located on the temple, nose bridge, or browline, Ray-Ban frames come with a code of letters and numbers permanently etched into them. Understanding this information could prove to be very important should your glasses ever happen to break. What do the numbers on Ray-Bans mean? Continue reading to find out!

Decoding the Numbers

1. Frame Model
2. Model Color
3. Frame Size
4. Lens Category

Frame Model

Ray-Ban RB4344 in a black frame with G-15 lenses, with model number highlighted

Ray-Ban RB4344: Frame Model


The first section of this code will determine your frame model. It will most likely start with an "RB" and have a set of numbers connected to it. Should you ever want to repurchase this frame, this information will come in handy. Above, we are viewing the RB4344.

Model Color

Ray-Ban RB4344 in a black frame with G-15 lenses, with color code highlighted

Ray-Ban RB4344: Model Color


The next numeric, and sometimes alphanumeric, section will be your frame color. Since there may be a few different tones of a same color, this will distinguish them for you. A color code may be used across different model numbers, so if you're looking to switch up your frame while keeping the same color design, this is particularly helpful.

Frame Size

Ray-Ban RB4344 in a black frame with G-15 lenses, with model size highlighted

Ray-Ban RB4344: Frame Size


When you have trouble finding sunglasses with the perfect fit, it can be scary switching up the frame model of the glasses you currently have. However, your frames are labeled with their own particular measurements! This section of numbers on Ray-Bans gives a general guide on sizes that may fit. If you are ever unsure on whether a frame may be a good size fit for you, give SportRx a call! We have friendly opticians available, 7 days a week, who can help you find your next, new frame. Should for any reason you not like the new look, we will offer an exchange or even provide a full refund. Even on prescription Ray-Bans!

Ray-Ban RB4344 in a black frame with G-15 lenses, facing forward and sideways with eye-size, bridge, and temple measurement pointed out

Ray-Ban RB4344: Eyesize, Bridge Width, and Temple Length

To find your frame size, we will start with the two numbers on each side of the square symbol. The number to the left is going to be your lens width, and the one on the right will be your bridge size. The number just to the right of these measurements corresponds to your temple length. With these three numbers, SportRx is able to narrow down your new glasses search by eliminating frame choices that may be too big or too small. And SportRx doesn't just stop there! Our certified opticians can also pull up your current frame's SportRx Frame Width; another measurement we created so we can get you into Ray-Bans that work!

Lens Category

Ray-Ban RB4344 in a black frame with G-15 lenses, with lens category highlighted

Ray-Ban RB4344: Lens Category


The last, alphanumeric portion of you Ray-Ban ID is going to give you your lens category and lens type. These numbers on Ray-Bans, ranking from 0 to 4, will tell you what conditions your lenses are recommended for. 0 being for cloudy conditions to 4 being for exceptional brightness. The letter will tell you if the lenses are normal/non-polarized lenses(N), polarized(P), or photo-chromatic(F).

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