Sunglass Rob and Zach meet up on the slopes to test out POC's Clarity Lenses. POC Clarity Lenses feature high contrast lens technology that enhance all the colors around you and will give you the best views. The POC Clarity Lens comes in 6 different lenses that they will go over. Each one of them serve a different purpose and will be better for certain weather conditions. The POC Clarity Lens Review video below will go into detail about each of these amazing lenses!

POC Snow Goggles

POC snow goggles are know for safety, clarity and innovation. The Standard Clarity Series and the Competition Series both have 3 different lenses, each optimal for a specific weather condition. All of the lenses in both series offer a ton of contrast, and the Competition series just offers even more contrast. You don't have to be a competitor to enjoy the Competition series. Whether you're racing and need the very best vision, or just skiing or snowboarding for fun and want to enjoy that extra contrast and boost of color, the Competition series is for you. If extra contrast is not super important to you, the Standard Clarity series still offers quite a bit of contrast and are great goggles.

POC Clarity Meter

What does VLT mean?

VLT stands for Visible Light Transmission, and it refers to the amount of light that comes through the lens. A lens for very cloudy and dark conditions would have a 90%VLT. A lens for very bright days would have lower than 10%.

Standard POC Clarity:

Poc spektris gold snow goggle lens, POC Clarity Lens Review

Spektris Gold

  • For bright days
  • VLT 13%

Spektris Orange Poc Snow Goggle Lens

Spektris Orange

  • For overcast days
  • VLT 22%
  • Great all-day lenses for people that don't want to change out lenses



Poc Clarity No Mirror Snow goggle lensClarity No Mirror

  • VLT 49%
  • Low light conditions
  • Very overcast weather conditions
  • Offers extreme contrast



Competition POC Series:

Clairty Poc Silver comp lens Goggles

Spektris Silver Comp

  • VLT 13%
  • High contrast
  • Bright conditions



Poc Comp Clarity blue mirror lens

Spektris Blue Comp

  • VLT 22%
  • Partly Cloudy





Poc Comp Clarity No Mirror Snow goggle lens

Clarity Comp No Mirror

  • VLT 49%
  • Low light conditions

POC Clarity Prescription Lenses at SportRx

Snow season is quickly approaching! Make sure to have up to date lens technology for your snow goggles for unreal clarity! Thinking about getting one of these sweet pairs of goggles and want to add a prescription? Not a problem! Just contact one of the amazing opticians at SportRx and they can assist you!