The United States Navy SEALs are the elite special operations force. The Physical Screening Test (PST) is the entry exam to become one of the elite. The training is intense, it weeds out the weak, and it's only the first step to extreme physical testing. Do you think you can pass the Navy Seal PST? Read on to learn more about what it takes.

Do You Think You Can Pass the Navy SEAL PST?

Phase 1

In order to become a SEAL, the first step is to go through the PST in order to qualify for BUD/S which stands for Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training. Recruits are expected to exceed physical standard testing, which includes both endurance and strength training. The Naval Special Warfare Physical Training Guide alone is a 26-week training program. Before the real test, running mock PSTs and practicing is essential. The PST is how the Navy measures whether or not you have the physical strength to become a Navy SEAL.

Minimum PST Standards

The PST Standard is the same for everyone. The minimum standards to sign a SEAL contract entails this:

500 yard Swim in 12.5 minutes

50 Pushups in 2 minutes

50 Sit-ups in 2 minutes

10 Pull-ups in 2 minutes

1.5 Mile Run in 10 minutes, 30 seconds

The competition is tough and while it's essential to pass this portion of the program you must also focus on training post-PST. There are hundreds of recruits that only train specifically for this test and neglect to work on other training. It's important to note that while this step is the first, it's not even close to the last.

Optimum PST Standards

The candidates with the best PST scores are in the best position to get a SEAL contract. This means exceeding the minimum standards for timing and numbers. The optimum standards to sign a SEAL contract entails this:

500 yard Swim in under 9 minutes

75-100 Pushups in 2 minutes

75-100 Sit-ups in 2 minutes

16-20 Pull-ups in 2 minutes

1.5 Mile Run in under 9 minutes

Getting scores that are closer in this range put you ahead of weaker candidates. Strong PST scores have been proven to show more success in BUD/S. The entire process is one step at a time. Each training program and workout you do is key to moving one step closer to a SEAL contract.

Thinking About Giving It A Try?

If this kind of physical testing entices you, see if you can pass the Navy SEAL PST. Keep in mind, as with any activity, it's important to stay healthy. Hydrate your body and eat nourishing foods for optimal health. The PST is meant to train individuals to tackle the most dangerous missions in unforgiving scenarios. This program puts both your mental and physical abilities to the test. Do you think you can pass the Navy SEAL PST?