We're on a quest to answer all your Maui Jim questions. Now from SportRx, a guide to the Maui Jim Neutral Grey vs Maui HT (High Transmission) lens. Join us to learn more!

Neutral Grey vs Maui HT Lens

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3. Maui Jim Neutral Grey vs Maui HT Lens
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Sunglass Rob compares and contrasts the Maui Jim Neutral Grey lens with the Maui HT lens to highlight their differences. Watch the video or keep scrolling to learn what they are.

Maui Jim Neutral Grey Lens

Maui Jim's most popular lens tint, the Neutral Grey lens has a dark and protective grey color. As you can guess from the name, it's a very neutral lens, meaning it doesn't alter the colors you see and just darkens your surroundings. It's also a very calming and soothing lens to wear, especially if you're no stranger to squinting in uncomfortably bright sunlight. This is a lens great for everyday use. Why not give your eyes a break and check out the Neutral Grey below?

Maui Jim Red Sands Sunglasses

Maui Jim Red Sands in Matte Black with Neutral Grey Lens

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Maui Jim Neutral Grey Key Features:

  • Dark, neutral, protective lens with a grey tint
  • Best for bright sunlight
  • Polarized & 100% UV protective

Maui Jim Maui HT Lens

As mentioned above, the HT in this lens name is short for High Transmission! What this means is that this is a lighter lens from Maui Jim. Though aesthetically it may look similar to Neutral Grey, don't be fooled—Maui HT isn't meant for sunlight. It's still polarized and 100% UV protective, but this is a better fit for sports. Rob recommends it for activities such as shallow water fishing, golf, skiing, or driving in overcast weather.

Speaking in terms of tints, Maui HT has a light green tint which does alter your perception of colors somewhat. This adds contrast needed in cloudier environments, so it's different from Neutral Grey's neutral tint. We do want to emphasize that Maui HT isn't meant to be dark, so if you live in a sunny area this won't be the right lens for everyday sunglasses. Check it out below!

Maui Jim Breakwall Golf Sunglasses

Maui Jim Breakwall in Smoke Grey & Maui HT

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Maui Jim Maui HT Key Features:

  • Light green tint meant to enhance contrast in low-light environments
  • Best for high-action sports
  • Polarized & 100% UV protective

Maui Jim Neutral Grey vs Maui HT Lens

Both lenses, while different in darkness and color, are similar aesthetically. This is thanks to a bi-gradient mirror applied at the top and bottom of the lens that provides extra protection from glare and sun.

Both Neutral Grey and Maui HT are also default lens options from Maui Jim, meaning you can get them in most sunglasses, prescription or not. We offer sunglass frames with both Neutral Grey and Maui HT lenses, and of course you can get both in prescription! Whichever you choose, rest assured your purchase is backed by the See Better Guarantee.

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