Every fisherman knows your fishing knot can be the difference of reeling in the big catch of the day or watching the line break and the fish swims away gracefully. Which is why it is essential every fisherman knows how to tie a Palomar knot. Costa Fishing pro, Todd Woods, is here to teach Sunglass Rob how to tie a Palomar knot and if he can learn it so can you!

The Palomar Knot: 5 Easy Steps

  1. The first step in tieing a Palomar knot is to double about 6 inches of line and pass the end loop through the eye of the hook.
  2. Second, Todd says to tie a simple overhand knot within the double line. This allows the hook to hang loose. Make sure to avoid twisting the lines as you go.
  3. Third, grab the end of the loop and pull it down completely over the hook.
  4. Lastly, lick the line and make it wet. This helps the line become tighter without tangling it up. After that pull both ends of the fishing line to tie the knot.
  5. Trim up any excess line with a nail clipper.

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