Sunglass Rob with SportRx sat down with Renee from Wiley X to go over some basic tips to keep your safety glasses in perfect condition. You invest in a vital piece of safety equipment when you purchase glasses, so it's important to know how to take care of them.

Keep Your Glasses Cased

What's the number one rule? "On your face or in your case." Sunglass Rob is adamant the habit of putting your glasses back into their case is the most effective way to preserve them. If you do set them down outside of the case, avoid placing them lens-side down, as this is sure to scratch them. The more you take care of your glasses, the less often they need to be replaced. The most important place to start is using the hard case your glasses come in to protect them when you're not using them.

Care About How You Clean Your Glasses

We've all been there; you spot a smudge on your glasses and immediately reach for your shirt or pants to wipe them off. According to the experts, this is a big no-no. Paper towels and cotton products will scratch your lenses, so it's worth taking the time to reach for your microfiber cloth that often comes with a new pair of safety glasses. You can even toss your microfiber cloths in the laundry when they start to get dirty, so you can wipe your lenses with a clean, dirt-free cloth.

You'll want to avoid the following products when cleaning the lenses on your safety glasses:

  • Alcohol-based products
  • Ammonia products
  • Chemical/acidic products
  • Window/glass cleaners

The best options will be optical spray or mild hand soap and warm water. Optical spray can be found at almost any store and easily cleans the lens.

Safety Glasses on a Welder

Fight Fog

To fight fogging issues, start with selecting the right fit so your safety glasses aren't too tight and sit comfortably on your face. The foam lining can also be easily removed if it's a really hot day and you don't need that extra seal. Many non-polarized safety glasses, like at Wiley X, already come with an anti-fog coating and even anti-fog spray to help combat fogging issues.


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