What's the trick to going faster on a snowboard? Practicing the right moves. Here are some tips by Kevin from SnowBoardProCamp.

Snowboard Control

Control of the snowboard will lead to more speed. Control comes down to balance and agility so practicing your turns will improve these to build your confidence. As you practice your turns, try spraying a little snow out to the sides. Try this on each turn and realize how turning slows the board down for more control allowing you to ride faster more consistently. It's important to practice an even amount of time on the toe edge and heel edge while turning. Counting to 3 on each edge will get you into an even rhythm building confidence and control on both edges. More practice will make your turns second nature allowing that extra speed.

Snowboard Steering and Balance

Another area to practice is working on balance while steering. More aggressive turns help control speed better, so you can ride faster.

A couple of tips for aggressive steering:

  1. Have your backhand over the tail of your board - allows a better balanced stance.
  2. Use your front knee and shoulder to direct your board - helps you to carve into the the turns.

Choose the right weather conditions to practice your speed. Good powder and visibility will help you focus and stay consistent while improving your form. Also, make sure to look ahead and plan a few turns ahead of time. By visualizing the terrain ahead, you can navigate the turns with a bit more confidence and increased speed.

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